ESD 112 Insurance Programs Focus on Risk
School districts are often approached for use of their grounds, playfields, and buildings.
Although school facilities are primarily for public school purposes, your district may choose to make facilities available to the community for appropriate and approved activities. While you do want to provide your community access to your facilities, you also need to balance your requirement for good financial stewardship. Having a strong facility use agreement helps mitigate potential liability for the district in the event of property damage or user injury.

We recommend districts take a moment to review their facility use agreement and ask themselves:

  1. Does the district require facility rental agreements for all third-party use of district property?
  2. Does the district have a school board approved policy and procedure regarding facility use (like WSSDA 4260)?
  3. Does your district website provide the public information on how to request use of your facilities? Does it include specific district contact information?
  4. Does the district have a standard facility use rental form?
  5. Does the use agreement reference your applicable board policy and procedure?
  6. Does the use agreement contain hold harmless/indemnification language? This explains to the activity sponsor they are liable (and therefore required to have appropriate insurance coverage) for any losses that arise out of their activities.
  7. Does the district ask for proof of general liability insurance from renters?
  8. Does the district request to be added as an additional insured to facility renter’s general liability policies?
  9. Does the facility use agreement require compliance with RCW 28A.600.190 regarding mandated Youth Sports Concussion Management Protocols for athletic-related activities?
  10. Does the district provide the facility users a set of guidelines/rules/prohibitions that must be agreed to in writing as part of the application process?
  11. Does the district periodically review the use agreement and revise as necessary?
If you answered "no" to any of the above questions or want to learn more reach out to your ESD 112 Risk and Safety Consultant. They can provide you with specific information and a sample facility use form.
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