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Gender-Inclusive Schools

Civil rights laws prohibit discrimination and discriminatory harassment on the basis of gender expression and gender identity in Washington public Schools. ALL students have the right to be treated consistent with their gender identity at school.
A great resource for guidance on how to provide a safe and nondiscriminatory environment for all students, including transgender and gender-expansive students, is the Office of Superintendent Instruction's (OSPI) Gender Inclusive Schools resources webpage.

The following are highlights of the information provided on that site:

Relevant Laws & Guidance

Nondiscrimination Based on Gender Identity & Gender Expression in Washington Schools
  • Names, Pronouns, & Gender Designations
  • Dress Codes & Gender Expression
  • Sex-Segregated Facilities & Activities
  • Confidential Educational & Health Information
Administrative Requirement for Schools
  • Adopt Gender-Inclusive Schools Policy and Procedure
  • Provide Annual Notification of Gender-Inclusive Schools Policy and Procedure
  • Designate Gender-Inclusive Schools Coordinator

Gender-Inclusive Schools Coordinator Training Materials
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