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Mandatory Reporting

Per RCW 26.44.030 all professional school personnel who have reasonable cause to believe that a child suffered abuse or neglect are required by law to report such incidents. Submit reports to DCYF Child Protective Services or the proper law enforcement agency at first opportunity but in no case longer than 48 hours. “Reasonable cause” means a person witnesses or receives a credible written or oral report alleging abuse.

    What is reportable? (Defined in WAC 110-30-0030)

    • Physical abuse
    • Sexual abuse
    • Sexual exploitation
    • Negligent treatment or Maltreatment
    • Abandonment

    How do I report suspected child abuse and neglect?

    • Contact DCYF Child Protective Services:
      866-363-4276 Toll-free, 24/7 866-END-HARM
    • Local intake numbers and information about reporting abuse and neglect can be located at
    • Law Enforcement
    A district may be found negligent should school personnel fail to meet their duty to report an incident either at all or within the required timeframe. On the other hand, any person who in good faith makes a report is immune from civil or criminal liability. The Risk Pool recommends districts provide staff with multiple reminders and/or trainings throughout the school year of their mandatory reporting duties.
    1. Does your district have a mandatory reporting policy and procedure?
    2. Does your district train all staff on district mandatory reporting policy and procedures?
    3. Does your district train all volunteers on district mandatory reporting policy and procedures?
    4. Does your district train all staff and volunteers on confidentiality laws and expectations?
    5. Does the district have a system to track CPS/Law Enforcement reports?
    6. Are staff trained on how to make and document a mandatory report when school is not in session, or the 48-hour reporting requirement does not fall during normal school operating hours?
    If you answered "no" to any of the above questions or want to learn more, please see the resources below or reach out to your ESD 112 Risk Management team.
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