Avid / Code.org Fundamentals Introduction Workshop

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The Intro workshop is designed for elementary educators new to teaching computer science who want to explore how to begin teaching the CS Fundamentals curriculum. Over 85,000 teachers have participated in our original workshop! Join your peers and experienced facilitators to get a hand on intro to computer science, pedagogy, overviews of the online curriculum and teacher dashboard, as well as strategies for teaching “unplugged” classroom activities.

At the end of the workshop, teachers will have:

  • A plan of action to start teaching CS Fundamentals.
  • An implementation plan for teaching two CS Fundamentals lessons
  • Goals for how deep into the course they would like to try to get.
  • Strategies for teaching CS Fundamentals lessons.
  • A connection to the community of CS Fundamentals teachers.
  • A printed curriculum guide with pedagogy, tips, and best practices.
  • A certificate of attendance
  • Swag!