About the Clark County Safe Schools Task Force

School safety should be a priority for all parents, educators, students, and community members. Students and educators have a right to attend schools that are safe and conducive to learning and achievement, yet schools often experience critical incidents such as suicide, natural disasters, or a mass casualty event that has a devastating impact on students, parents, educators and the community.

The purpose of the Clark County Safe School Task Force is to bring together schools, emergency responders and other local agencies to address the four phases of crisis management: prevention, preparedness, response and recovery. The goal is to develop safety plans, procedures, resources and training that would empower school staff to act quickly and knowledgeably in an emergency.

We provide research-based education, tools, resources and training to ensure the safest possible learning environment for the youth of our nation.

Clark County Safe Schools Task Force

Our mission is to support school crisis prevention, response, and recovery, and to protect every school and every student, every day.