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SafeSchools is an online safety training and tracking system designed specifically for school employees.

Program Details

About Vector Solutions (SafeSchools)

All Vector Solutions courses are set in a school environment and are authored by leading school safety specialists. Courses include topics in nutritional services, health, employee and student safety, human resources, transportation, informational technology, social and behavioral, environmental, security, special education, and emergency management.

This training program is provided to member districts of the Work Comp Trust and Risk Co-Op for Southwest Washington Schools because it is our goal to encourage safe work habits, reduce employee injuries and protect school districts from unnecessary costs related to other liability issues.

Note:  On March 24, 2021,  SafeSchools on-line training program received a new name. The training program is now called Vector Solutions. The process for logging in to complete assigned training did not change. Participants will continue to login as they always have on their district’s training web site. The product itself also did not change and did not impact any current training assignments or reporting of completed trainings.

Vector Solutions

Clock hours are available for Southwest Washington Workers’ Compensation Trust member district employees. Click on the Clock Hour Checklist tab for more information.

Suggested courses for school district employees by job title:

Suggested Vector Solutions Training

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Clock Hours Checklist

Clock hours for Vector Solutions (SafeSchools) On-line Safety Training

  • Participants must be an employee of a school district that participates in the Vector Solutions on-line training program through the Southwest Washington Work Comp Trust and/or Risk Co-Op for Southwest Washington Schools.
  • Contact your principal/supervisor to find out if Vector Solutions on-line training is available for your district. Your district’s Vector Solutions administrator will be able to provide individual login information.
  • Complete all courses assigned by your school district.
  • Choose other classes from the list of available courses if you would like to earn extra hours. You may earn up to 10 hours per school year.
  • Successfully complete the quiz for each course.

Directions to claim clock hours:

  • When you have completed all the Vector Solutions training for the year (8/1/20xx– 7/31/20xx), you may claim the hours in pdEnroller.
  • You will need evidence of completion (your training history).
  • Your Training History may be located once you have logged into your personal Vector Solutions account on your district’s site.  On the left side of your screen click on Training History. Enter the beginning date (August 1) and correct year by clicking on the “From Date” calendar.  The ending date will default to the current date. If it is after July 31, change the ending date to July 31 on the “To Date” calendar. Save the page to your computer as a PDF. From there you can upload the training history PDF to pdEnroller.
  • Go to PDEnroller. Enter the claim code for the appropriate school year.

CLAIM CODES for school year:

8/1/2021 – 7/31/2022:   2SP-T1G

8/1/2022 – 7/31/2023:   UJW-SDA

8/1/2023 – 7/31/2024:  5PF-ULA

  • The number of hours is determined by the number of minutes on your training history. Each course lists a time element. Add the minutes from all your completed courses, divide by 60 and round that number down to the nearest half hour.  When claiming clock hours in pdEnroller using the appropriate claim code, you will enter the number of completed clock hours, upload the “evidence” and complete the survey.
  • Once submitted your hours will be verified and will record on your pdEnroller transcript within 30 days of submission.  If your district is a member of the ESD Clock Hour Cooperative, you do not pay for clock hours.
  • Clock hour credit will be adjusted (may be less or more) to reflect actual hours completed (rounded down to nearest half hour) as verified by your individual training history.
  • You will only be able to claim clock hours once per year so be sure you have completed all the hours you want to claim before submitting.  Additionally, clock hours can only be claimed for the current and/or most recent previous school year.  Hours obtained in years before those times cannot be claimed.


Who to Contact

Wendy Niehaus

Risk and Member Services Manager


Phone: 360-952-3574



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Insurance Questions

If you have a question about the insurance programs or services we offer to districts, please reach out to:

Insurance Department
Phone: 360-750-7504

Visit our Website

We have recently launched a new website for members. Stay tuned as invitations to the new website roll out this summer.

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