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About LearningEdge

The LearningEdge Cooperative was created to support school districts in Washington, Oregon and Idaho in successfully achieving the educational goals established for their students by providing access to furniture, fixtures, and equipment in creating current and future-ready teaching/ learning environments with:

  • Cost Savings: Competitively-priced high quality furniture, fixtures and other equipment components that will support educators’ professional development and program goals;
  • Time Savings and Compliance Assurance: Procurement and project management guidance from one economical, convenient, and integrated source that will fully support a district’s Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E) program for the school building and campus;
  • Objective Subject Matter Expertise: Engagement with the LearningEdge Advisory Council composed of educators, design professionals, and school district facilities and business service staff.
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What We Provide to School Districts

Through the LearningEdge program we:

  • Identify, with subject matter experts, the furniture, fixtures, and equipment best suited to support each school district’s educational program goals and budgets;
  • Guide the public procurement process through advertising, bidding, evaluation, and vendor contract management services assuring legal compliance and fulfillment of district needs;
  • Coordinate with vendors for their delivery, set-up and testing sequences required to ensure satisfactory use by educators, technologists, and facilities operations and maintenance support staff, as well as management of warranty and functional performance evaluation services after the equipment is in use.

Why LearningEdge versus Other FF&E Purchasing Programs?

Demonstrated Long-Time Support for the School District’s Educational Mission

ESD 112 provides deep engagement with and professional support for the educator and the business services staff for the project life cycle, from early planning through project execution to project closeout.

Convenience and Compliance for the District’s Business Services Mission

The service provides “one-stop” efficiency that offers competitive pricing and compliance with State of Washington public procurement requirements via Interlocal Agreements between school districts and ESD 112. By participating in the LearningEdge purchasing program, a school district will have a transparent, accountable, and compliant service in managing their FF&E financial resources.

Existing Long-Term Professional Relationships with ESD Programs

With long-term and successful educational relationships and Interlocal Agreements already in place with ESD 112, local school districts can now utilize ESD 112’s respected statewide Construction Services Group (CSG) to manage their LearningEdge program needs. Founded in 1993 as a non-profit organization of expert project/construction management professionals, CSG – now with over 30 professional staff located in offices in Vancouver, Kennewick, Renton, Wenatchee, Spokane, and Anacortes – has developed supportive working relationships with statewide educational service districts, school district educators, administrative leaders, and business and facilities management officers.

Purchasing ILA's

Purchasing Interlocal Agreements

How do I utilize the ESD 112 Purchasing Contracts?

Step 1

Review the legal requirements for your organization to ensure eligibility for using these contracts. Some state laws and agency regulations require the use of an Interlocal Agreement when one public agency is relying on another public agency’s competitively procured contracts. ESD 112 will provide an Interlocal Agreement to any eligible purchaser who requests one.

Before proceeding to step 2, check the Signed Interlocal Agreements section of this page to learn whether your district has a Purchasing Agreement on file with ESD 112.  However, it is recommended that all school districts complete a new Interlocal Agreement.

Step 2

Effective August 15, 2017, ESD 112 is updating the Interlocal Agreement form.  Please follow the instructions below to complete the new electronic signature ILA.

Access link to ESD 112’s Interlocal Agreement form (electronic form) for all ESD 112 competitive purchasing contracts.

  • Complete all fields requested on the form and follow the prompts on the website to submit the completed form.
  • The completed form, upon submittal, will be forwarded to the program contact individual for review.
  • When the review is completed, it is forwarded for school districts authorized signature.
  • Email confirmations are sent to the submitter following each step of the process.
  • Once the school district signs and electronically submits the request to ESD 112, the accounting office will review and forward the ILA form to our superintendent for the final signature.
  • The final signed Interlocal Agreement will be electronically generated and sent to your program contact and notice contact (authorized signer).
  • School districts and ESD 112 shall keep the signed Interlocal Agreement on file for reference.
Step 3

Notification will be sent from Educational Service District 112 (ESD 112) at the end of 5 years for renewal of ILA’s.  For example, ILA’s signed by September 1, 2017, have a term end date of August 31, 2022, at which time the renewal notice would be sent to the respective school district.

To get more information for making purchases through these contracts, refer to the contact information for each contract identified on the tab entitled Contracts.

Signed Purchasing Interlocal Agreements

Below is a listing, by state, of Interlocal Agreements signed with Educational Service District 112 (ESD 112) for all Purchasing contracts. If your district or agency signed an Interlocal Agreement with ESD 112 prior to January 2010, you are encouraged to update the Agreement so your district can take advantage of all the ESD 112’s purchasing contracts available.

Beginning August 15, 2017, ESD 112 will roll out new ILA electronic signature forms by selected states, eventually being rolled out to all states in order to replace current ILA’s.  

Please follow the steps outlined on this page to update your current Purchasing Interlocal Agreement (ILA).

If you have any questions please contact:

Bunny Stevens

Project Coordinator, Purchasing


Phone: 360-952-3415

Email: bunny.stevens@esd112.org

Diane Pfeiffer

Secretary II


Phone: 360-952-3394

Email: diane.pfeiffer@esd112.org

Contact Us

LearningEdge Purchasing Program Contacts

In partnership with school districts and CSG’s experts in project management, business services and procurement together provide your school district a professional, seamless Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E) program management team. The ESD 112’s LearningEdge Cooperative Team includes:

Jeff Strunk

Purchasing Manager


Phone: 360-949-1989

Email: jeff.strunk@esd112.org

Bunny Stevens

Project Coordinator, Purchasing


Phone: 360-952-3415

Email: bunny.stevens@esd112.org

Diane Pfeiffer

Secretary II


Phone: 360-952-3394

Email: diane.pfeiffer@esd112.org


We are always looking for talented individuals to join our team. Please look at our recruiting page to view the current opportunities.

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