* Please note the information below is regarding the new RFP for Plumbing Services #ESD 112-26-18-Rebid, which replaces the previously cancelled Plumbing Services RFP.

Plumbing Services RFP:

RFP Number:#ESD 112-26-18 – Rebid: Plumbing Services

Date Awarded: 2/21/19

Date Published: 1-14-19

Proposal Due Date: 2-4-19 (no later than 2:00 pm)

RFP #ESD 112-26-18 Documents:
  • RFP #ESD 112-26-18-Rebid: Plumbing Services  (RFP Document includes all submittal forms)
  • Affadavits:
    None available at this time
  • Questions and answers related to RFP #ESD 112-26-18 – Rebid:
    Deadline 1/28/19 to submit questions

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