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SafeSchools is an online safety training and tracking system designed specifically for school employees.

Program Details

About SafeSchools

All SafeSchools courses are set in a school environment and are authored by leading school safety specialists. Courses include topics in nutritional services, health, employee and student safety, human resources, transportation, informational technology, social and behavioral, environmental, security, special education, and emergency management.

This training program is provided to member districts of the Southwest Washington Workers’ Compensation Trust and Southwest Washington Risk Management Insurance Cooperative because it is our goal to encourage safe work habits, reduce employee injuries and protect school districts from unnecessary costs related to other liability issues.

Note:  On March 24 the SafeSchools on-line training program training will have a new name and logo. The new product name will be Vector Training, K-12 Edition. Your current process for logging in to complete your assigned training will not change. You will continue to login as you always have on your district’s training web site. The product itself is not changing and there will be no disruptions to any current training assignments or reporting of your completed training.

Vector Solutions

Clock hours are available for Southwest Washington Workers’ Compensation Trust member district employees. Click on the Clock Hour Checklist tab for more information.

Suggested courses for school district employees by job title:

Suggested SafeSchools Training

District Links

Clock Hours Checklist

Clock hours for SafeSchools On-line Safety Training

  • Participants must be an employee of a school district that participates in the SafeSchools on-line training program through the Southwest Washington Workers’ Compensation Trust.
  • Contact your principal to find out if SafeSchools on-line training is available for your district. They will be able to provide individual login information.
  • Complete all courses assigned by your school district.
  • Choose other classes from the list of available courses if you would like to earn extra hours.
  • Successfully complete the quiz for each course.

Directions to claim clock hours:

  • When you have completed all the SafeSchools training for the year (8/1/20xx– 7/31/20xx), you may claim the hours in pdEnroller.
  • You will need evidence of completion (your training history).
  • Your Training History may be located once you have logged into your SafeSchools site.  On the left side of your screen place your cursor and click on the pictogram that looks like a clock. Enter the beginning date (August 1) by clicking on the calendar.  The ending date will default to the current date. If it is after July 31, change the ending date to July 31. Then click on Control P (print). Instead of printing, select the option to save the page as a PDF and save to your computer. From there you can upload the training history to pdEnroller.
  • Go to . Enter the claim code for the appropriate school year .

CLAIM CODES for school year:

8/1/2020 – 7/31/2021:   8VY-KG4

8/1/2021 – 7/31/2022:   2SP-T1G

  • The number of hours is determined by the number of minutes on your training history. Each course lists a time element. Add the minutes from all your completed courses, divide by 60 and round that number to the nearest half hour. Enter the number of completed hours in the designated spot. Next upload “evidence”.  This “evidence” is your Training History. Complete the survey.
  • Once submitted your hours will be verified and will record on your pdEnroller transcript.  If your district is a member of the ESD Clock Hour Cooperative, you do not pay for clock hours.
  • If you choose, you may complete additional courses to earn more clock hours. You may earn up to ten clock hours per school year (one hour minimum).
  • Clock hour credit will be reduced if it is determined that actual completion times are significantly less than the stated times.


Who to Contact

Scott LaBar

Risk and Safety Manager

Mailing Address

ESD 112 Insurance Programs
2500 NE 65th Avenue
Vancouver, WA 98661


Phone: 360-952-3574


Trista Greenwood

Risk and Safety Consultant


Phone: 360-952-3585



Submit an Employee Incident Report

Have an Accident? Near Miss?

Click on a logo below to report an employee injury.

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Insurance Questions

If you have a question about the insurance programs or services we offer to districts, please reach out to:

Scott LaBar

Risk and Safety Manager


Phone: 360-952-3574


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