Kindergarten Box Kits

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Our Kindergarten Box kits are designed to help kindergarten students and their families celebrate the milestone of starting kindergarten, while providing fun STEM  materials to families who live in rural communities. The age-appropriate kits include activities developed by our ESD 112 content specialists (who are also parents) to encourage STEM learning in the home environment and foster connections among schools and families.

These free kits for your kindergarten students were made possible through Washington STEM grant funding and Educational Service District 112.



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Fall 2020 Kit Contents

There is so much you can do with this 9″x7.5″x1.5″ box! Ask your students: “What can you do with this box?” STEM thinking is all about rethinking and reimagining everyday objects in creative ways.

Supports English language arts (ELA) learning as kids have fun creating a book all about themselves. Kids can keep the book in their home library to read again and again, or teachers can use it as a way to get to know their students better.

The perfect size for parents or teachers to post above a child’s work space or directly on the desk to help them remember the direction and shape of letters and numbers while writing.

This booklet supports many Next Generation Science Standards for kindergarten, while engaging kids with fun games and activities all about wild animals.

Counting objects is important math in kindergarten. Any group of objects can make a counting collection. Let your students take the lead and decide how to count and organize. Check out this video to learn more >

Your students have probably already noticed that shapes are all around us. Have them try out our shape finder to build on this natural inclination. Encourage students to draw and cut their own shape finder too!

Kindergarten kids enjoy scavenger hunts. This is a scavenger hunt for numbers to help children notice quantities in their world.

  • Full Kit
  • My Kindergarten Year Box
  • New STEM Activities
  • Counting Booklet
  • Science Booklet
  • Colored Activity Book
  • Colored Activity Book

Optional: T-Shirt Add-On

per shirt

The box is large enough to include a t-shirt from your school, or order our white “too big” t-shirts that kids can decorate with fabric markers and wear as their “Zoom” shirt. A great use of PTO funds!

Additional Cost: $10 per shirt plus tax (T-shirts are not included as part of grant funding)