COVID-19 Response in Administrative Services

Business and Financial Management

ESD 112 stepped up to help schools across the state of Washington to acquire the personal protective equipment (PPE) they need for in-person education.

After facilitating a state-wide survey to understand needs, ESD 112 placed orders for PPE for 90% of school districts across Washington. ESD 112 facilitated the bid and purchase process for the items on behalf of the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI).

In total, the order consisted of:

  • 19 million face coverings
  • 750,000 packages (or 840,000 lbs) of sanitizing wipes
  • 120,000 boxes of gloves
  • 250,000 gowns
  • 80,000 gallons of hand sanitizer

By combining their PPE needs into one large bid, participating school districts and private schools were able to secure safety items at a much lower price per item, resulting in significant savings.

Communications and Public Engagement

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, ESD 112’s Communications and Public Engagement department and school district communicators in our region have recognized the need to collaborate to produce consistent, accurate materials to guide communications about the rapidly changing pandemic situation.

Facilitated by the ESD communications lead, the group began meeting daily in March 2020, sharing updates from media sources and the county Emergency Operations Centers. Following consultation with one another, the ESD 112 communications team developed consistent graphics, talking points, campaigns and other communications tools which were used and shared regionwide.

Media responses were often coordinated through ESD 112 Communications, serving as a single point of contact for regional school district news releases and responses.

As new needs emerged, ESD 112 coordinated focus groups to research and develop communications solutions for these needs. The ESD 112 communications team developed materials which were vetted and used collectively by the group.

In the course of a year, hundreds of tools were developed, including:

  • 50+ letter templates and messaging samples, with translated versions in Russian and Spanish
  • Dozens of graphic flow charts used by schools to determine exclusion from school/work
  • 25 different talking points documents about complex and changing COVID issues
  • 15+ different graphics campaigns for websites, social media and building signage
  • A regional website portal for news and information on COVID-19 and schools
  • Dozens of news articles about COVID-19 response in schools, adaptations and guidance changes
  • Coordination and facilitation of hundreds of meetings with communications leads from across the region

Human Resources and Legal Services

The ESD 112 Human Resources department has had the opportunity to support many facets of the ESD’s COVID response, including work assisting with program & staff transitions to and from remote work.

In addition, since March of 2020 we have:

  • Assisted with the development and implementation of agency and program safety protocols
  • Offered COVID safety training to our staff and facilitated COVID workgroups with managers
  • Reviewed nearly 100 service/program safe start plans
  • Created more than 25 electronic health attestations for program staff, students and clients
  • Supported approximately 140 employees engaged in the state’s Shared Work program
  • Consulted with more than 150 employees who have had COVID exposures, diagnoses, or symptoms
  • Connected with all 640 ESD employees regarding COVID vaccine interest and pathways for obtaining vaccinations
  • Hired and remotely on-boarded more than 80 new employees

School and Agency Operations

ESD 112’s School and Agency Operation Department continued to provide member school districts with essential services related to the three insurance programs (Workers’ Compensation, Risk Management (property/casualty) and Unemployment.

Since March 2020 we have:

  • Processed paperwork for over 7,500 employees who have filed for unemployment compensation benefits.
  • Represented districts at Employment Security Department hearings.
  • Handled quarterly and annual reports required by both the Department of Labor and Industries and Employment Security Department.
  • Completed underwriting information for excess insurance carriers for both Workers’ Compensation and Risk.
  • Adjust Risk and Workers’ Compensation claims.
  • Loss control staff has responded to inquiries from districts in these areas: cleaning and disinfection, respirator and PPE selection, respirator use, athletics, bus transportation, playground use, vaccination clinics, quarantine guidelines and COVID training.
  • Loss control staff have gone out and completed ergonomic evaluations.

Administrative Services 2020-2021 Success Stories