About ESD 112

Educational Service District 112 is one of nine statutory regional service agencies in the state of Washington. Created by the legislature 50 years ago, ESDs ensure equitable educational opportunities for all students—urban and rural alike. ESDs are an essential partner in the efficient operation of Washington’s 295 school districts and provide millions of dollars in services to schools through cooperatives, trusts, and competitive state, federal and private funds.

We serve over 97,000 K-12 students in 30 public school districts, 23 state-approved private schools and two state schools. We also provide direct services to more than 4,000 children. Through the facilitation of partnerships, cooperatives, state and federal grants and fee for service work, ESD 112 helps districts leverage resources to achieve program efficiency and cost savings.

In addition to acting as a liaison between local districts and the State Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction to deliver programs mandated by the state, Washington’s ESDs are public entities, which operate in a highly entrepreneurial fashion. We blend the benevolence of the public sector with the spirit and ingenuity of the private sector.


Who are we, and what is our purpose? The answers to those questions are defined in our key focus areas:

  • We deliver programs that produce successful outcomes for students and teachers.
  • We help save districts money so more time and resources can be directed to the classroom.
  • We help build healthy communities that improve quality of life and contribute to the vitality of individuals and families.
  • We serve the most vulnerable students who need extra supports to help them thrive.

Financial Resources

While ESD 112 is an essential part of state and regional education services, annual state funding for basic operational expenses is minimal. Of ESD 112’s $92 million budget, only 1% is directly appropriated by the state. The ESD uses that seed money to secure collaborative grants, manage fee-for-service partnerships and operate resourceful cooperatives and trusts. In fact, for every $1 invested in core funding, the ESD provides nearly $91 in services! That’s a remarkable return on the state’s investment.

for fiscal year ending August, 31, 2022