Training your Volunteers

Volunteers are the heart and soul of the community and make up a very important part of your board.

Elements to include in your training:

  • Racial equity and cultural competency
  • ACES/Trauma Informed
  • Interviewing techniques
  • FERPA and confidentiality
  • District truancy/attendance interventions, policies and resources
  • Local resources and opportunities

Keep equity in mind

  • Connect to local experts that can assist in training and educating your board members on culturally appropriate resources and information you need to know about the student and families that you serve.
  • Let the families be the expert, spend time learning about the families and students that you serve.
  • Familiarize your board with community partners and resources that are supportive to the student and families attending the board.
  • Take a deeper dive and start searching for resources to learn more. Create a list of resources like books, podcasts, trainings, etc.. Start a book club!