Upgrading Your Community Engagement Board

Your board is off to a great start! Here are some ways to help your board grow and evolve.

Expanding your board to work with more students

  • Consider inviting students with chronic absenteeism concerns
  • Work with elementary students and focus on early intervention
  • Invite students that have been withdrawn for lack of attendance
  • Recruit schools and attendance teams to host individual Community Engagement Boards at their schools

Virtual Boards

  • Host your boards virtually
  • Utilize tools like QR codes, Zoom and Google Classroom
  • For paperwork, consider verbal agreements, Laserfiche or DocuSign for online signatures or Google Forms
  • Use a translation channel via Zoom if possible with families who need translation services
  • Consider reaching out to other districts or even other counties, to partner in hosting boards!

Expand your volunteer recruitment

  • Connect to your districts current volunteer pool
  • Reach out to local universities and colleges
  • Make connections in your community
  • Take advantage of the virtual world and reach out to other communities

Create a more equitable volunteer CEB

  • Consider surveying the students and families attending the board to better understand what needs are being met at the board
  • Get to know the community partners and agencies that work with the students and families in your community/district
  • Evaluate the resources within your district: student advocates, family liaisons, school counselors, teachers, connect with the staff that know the students and families well

Engage your students and families

  • Get to know the students and families that you serve
  • Make a connection with the student, give them clear guidance on what the CEB’s purpose is, and ensure that they are comfortable attending
  • Consider setting the board up to be more comfortable and accessible for the family: location, time and number of board members. Consider hosting the board virtually or on a Saturday.
  • Remind the family that the CEB’s purpose is to support the student and family and you are a team
  • Be creative in how you send out your invitation: QR codes, texting, phone call reminders, home visits