Candidates enrolled in ESD-U’s Special Education, Elementary Education, and English Language Learner cohorts gathered at ESD 112’s Conference Center for a professional conference-style event on Saturday, June 1. This event, one of only two in-person gatherings held by ESD-U, marked a significant milestone for the 23-24 cohort.

The day featured presentations from candidates, showcasing their knowledge and skills in their respective content areas. Participants not only presented but also engaged with their peers by viewing each other’s work, offering feedback, and sharing advice.

“Last Saturday’s event highlighted the incredible dedication and growth of our candidates,” said Kathy Whitlock, Executive Director for Student and School Success at ESD 112. “Seeing them share their expertise and celebrate each other’s achievements reaffirmed the vital role they will play in shaping the future of education.”

Throughout the event, candidates were individually introduced and posed for group pictures within their endorsement areas. There were ample opportunities for celebration, candid photo moments, and exchanging notes of thanks and appreciation.

ESD-U’s two in-person events, held at both the beginning and end of the program, allow candidates to build connections, support one another, and celebrate their progress as they transition into their teaching roles.

About ESD-U

Operated by ESD 112, ESD-U is a PESB approved provider of non-traditional teacher certification and professional development in southwest Washington and beyond. This residency-based teaching certification program supports a “grow your own” partnership with local districts and offers Route 2, 3, and 4, as well as a “retooling” route for currently certified teachers seeking to add an endorsement.

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