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Providing access to high–quality digital media, curriculum, & research databases.

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Digital Media Center

Our Digital Media Center offers versatile online tools to support student learning. Resources are available on demand for teachers and students from home or school. Browse thousands of pre-selected, educationally relevant videos, activities, and articles, or search by subject, standard, or grade level. Don’t “just Google it”–these tools are made specifically for use in schools!

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The Digital Media Center is proud to provide access to these providers of high-quality digital media, curriculum, and research databases. Interested in learning more? Click on the links below for information about each product offered by the Digital Media Center.

Ready to subscribe, or have questions? Check out our options below and contact Katherine Livick for more information and assistance.

Digital Media Cooperative Membership

Thinking of joining our cooperative? Here are the great benefits you’ll enjoy as a member. The all-inclusive package includes your digital media subscriptions, support, and recommendations for how to use these tools in the classroom.

  • Access to the following databases: Learn360, World Book Online, ProQuest Search, ProQuest Learning: Literature, History Study Center, CultureGrams, eLibrary: Curriculum Edition
  • Support and troubleshooting for end users

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Some databases and curriculum are available for individual purchase. Please contact us for details.

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Katherine Livick

Integrated Learning Coach


Phone: 360-952-3395


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Our strategic plan is based on our core set of beliefs that will guide us as we develop services in our region: The use and integration of technology is not a goal in itself. Rather, its power comes from supporting a larger purpose. In this interconnected world, a classroom is not a 21st century classroom if technology is not an integral part of the learning environment. Because of its power to engage students and educators in problem-solving, visualizing and analyzing data, communicating and collaborating, and creating new ideas and products, technology is a requirement in today’s classroom. A good technology solution is defined by its power to transform, and not by its glitz. Sometimes, technology can be used to “do things differently.” At other times, technology should be used to “do different things.” Both are acceptable. Professional development is key to successful technology implementation.
Digital Learning Services
Digital Learning ServicesSeptember 24, 2019 at 3:11pm
Sketchnoting is a way to make thinking and learning visible. Come learn about how sketchnotes are great for multimodal learning, and help with retention. Join Nichole Carter, author of Sketchnoting in the Classroom: A Practical guide To Deepen Student Learning to learn hands-on how to implement sket...

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