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About pdEnroller

Launched in 2015, pdEnroller is a robust statewide course and event registration system being used by eight of the state’s nine Educational Service Districts (ESDs), plus the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI).

The system enables educators from across the state to register for professional development opportunities, enabling them to search by participant, topic, ESD region and date to find conferences, events and trainings. Once registered, the system will track their attendance, clock hours earned, and awarded credits for their history. This information can be reported back to the districts for teacher certification and salary placement.

User Features:

  • All professional development (clock hour) transcripts in one location
  • Robust search allows users to find the classes they need
  • Easy access for everyone: the website is mobile-friendly and meets ADA compliance standard

System Features

  • List all of your professional development classes in one place
  • Accept registration payments online
  • Automated emails including reminder emails
  • Allow users to setup accounts and download clock hour transcripts
  • Setup multiple registrars to input and manage classes
  • Classes can be exported or embedded onto external websites


pd Enroller Tutorials

pd Enroller is ESD 112’s online course and event registration system. Teachers can search and enroll in courses offered by ESD 112 or any of the ESDs outside of the region. Click on a topic below to learn more.

If you have ever had an account in escWorks, you have an account in pdEnroller. You will need to activate your imported account. Please do not create a duplicate account. First, click on the blue box on the upper right that says, “New to pdEnroller. Click here to activate your account.

  1. You will then be directed to the screen below where you will enter your email address and click on the green, “Let’s get started” button.
  2. An email with a secure link will be sent. Open the link to set up a new password. You will update your profile information to complete the onboarding process.

Once your account has been activated, you can log in to your pdEnroller account.

  1. Login to pdEnroller and search the course catalog. Some things to keep in mind when searching:
    • There are multiple ESDs using this catalog. There is a region dropdown menu at the top left of the main screen for accessing specific ESD offerings.
    • Under advanced filters, you can filter your search based on date range, classroom/online, TPEP and STEM.
  2. Select a course you are interested in for detailed information. Every course has contact information for inquiries.
  3. Click the green “Register Now” button and follow the prompts for registration and payment (if applicable).
  4. If course is full, you will have an option to go on a waitlist. Once a spot becomes available, you will have 24 hours to respond.

You can cancel up to 7 days prior to start of event with a full refund. Cancellations after that date are at the discretion of the department/instructor.

Special Accommodations

If you have accessibility or dietary restrictions, be sure to note this in your user profile. This information will be used for all events you register for in pdEnroller. Also, be sure that the information in your user profile is up to date in case we need to contact you.

When you attend an ESD 112 sponsored event, you will receive a unique code to claim your clock hours. Make sure that you have signed-in at the event as clock hours are verified against the sign-in sheet.

  1. Go to https://www.pdenroller.org/ClockHours and login. You can also log in to your pdEnroller account, go to the clock hours dropdown menu and then “Claim Clock Hours.”
  2. Enter the unique claim code
  3. Enter the hours you are claiming
  4. Complete the survey and either confirm* or pay for the clock hours.
  5. When ESD 112 receives the sign-in sheet, the hours are verified. You will receive an email once attendance has been verified. Once verified, the hours will automatically record on your ESD 112 clock hour transcript.
  6. You may print the inservice (clock hour form) once the hours have been verified.

You may access the inservice forms by logging in to pdEnroller and going to “My Clock Hours.” You will see the status of your clock hour claim and print the inservice form by clicking on the event title. You may also print your receipt from here if you paid for clock hours.

*Note: ESD 112 Clock Hour Cooperative districts do not pay for clock hours. If you are employed by a coop district and are asked to pay for clock hours, you do not have your district designated correctly in your profile.

Clock hour official transcripts are available to print at no charge via your pdEnroller account located in the Clock Hours menu.

  1. Log in to pdEnroller
  2. Click on the Clock Hours dropdown menu at the time right corner of the main page. Then click on “My Clock Hours.”
  3. This will open up a screen where you will see the blue Download Transcript button. You can also see the clock hours that are in your queue along with completed clock hours.
  4. You can download to view or print an official transcript.

Request a Demo

Request a pdEnroller Demo

Contact us to request a demo of the pdEnroller admin:

Curtis Ellis


Phone: 360-750-7502 x387

Email: curtis.ellis@esd112.org

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ESD 112’s course and event registration system, pd Enroller, offers users an enhanced system for finding and scheduling professional development events with simple, intuitive navigation, event sharing between organizations and improved payment system.

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