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Spero Center empowers and prepares students to realize their full educational potential, providing hope when it is most needed.


About Spero Center

Spero is a therapeutic learning program specializing in whole child support for youth in grades 6-12 whose mental health challenges are the primary barrier to their school participation. Students who attend Spero are qualified for and served via an individualized education program (IEP) and recommended for Spero placement by a school district IEP Team.

Spero’s unique combination of academic and mental health supports provide a safe, small, therapeutic educational setting for youth experiencing anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, or other mental health challenges. Spero Center offers a unique option for these students to comfortably return to a group learning environment among their peers.

Spero Center Features:

Spero Center Hope Thrives Here

Derived from the Latin word meaning “hope,” Spero provides an intermediate step for students who have not been attending school because of social-emotional or mental health challenges with the goal of returning these students to their school of origin.

Our Work

Our Work

At Spero Center students are educated through individualized curriculum tailored to their educational needs. They learn coping skills and strategies with the goal of ultimately successfully transitioning back to their school district of origin.


Our certified special education teachers develop individualized curriculum consistent with each student’s learning and mental health needs. Teachers conduct ongoing assessments on student progress towards meeting IEP goals and connect regularly with the student’s district of origin to share updates.

Counseling Services

Counseling services are provided by licensed mental health professionals who work closely with each student’s outside treatment provider and family to ensure continuity of care. Each student referred to Spero Center is evaluated individually with a support plan that is designed specifically to meet their unique needs. Every Spero student has the opportunity to meet with their counselor as often as five days per week. These counselors work closely with our special education teachers, outreach coordinators, and other staff to ensure a holistic therapeutic approach is integrated into every aspect of the Spero experience.


Spero Center staff work closely with each student’s school and district of origin as well as with their mental health treatment provider. Ongoing engagement among students and their families, their school and district of origin and their treatment provider throughout the full duration of a student’s Spero Center enrollment is paramount to the student’s successful reintegration at their “home” school. Spero works to both prepare students to return to their home schools and also prepare the school and community to successfully support the student when they return.

Our Staff

Staff at Spero Center include both educators and licensed mental health practitioners, uniquely suited to support students in need of specific mental health care. Our staff work in partnership with school districts to ensure that educational requirements are met specific to each student, while taking care of their mental health needs.

Who We Serve

Who We Serve

Each student has unique needs and challenges that are addressed within the context of a safe and supportive academic and therapeutic environment. Spero Center supports students experiencing significant mental health challenges who have struggled to thrive in a traditional public school setting. Students who present as physically aggressive, significantly disruptive, or otherwise deemed to have unsafe behavior towards others are not candidates for Spero Center due to the therapeutic nature of our programming.

Identifying students for care at Spero

Students with the following indicators may be a good fit for Spero:

  • The student is not attending public school due to mental health challenges, like anxiety and depression.
  • The student is currently not thriving, not attending classes regularly, not passing classes or is experiencing a high need for social emotional support in the school setting.
  • The student is supported by an active Individualized Education Program (IEP).


Referrals for students to receive care at Spero Center must be submitted by their school district of origin’s IEP team. Spero Center staff will consult with the student’s IEP team to determine whether the student is likely to benefit from Spero Center services.

For inquiries please call us at: 360-949-1440 or email: sperocenter@esd112.org.

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