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Areas of Expertise

Financial Advisory Services

The Financial Advisory Services team support our educational communities in developing financing plans, helping review bond documents, managing bond sales processes, and coordinating the availability of other ESD resources.

Areas of Expertise

  • Bond and Levy Planning
  • Bond sale management
  • Ratings Strategy & Presentation
  • Continuing disclosure
  • Debt Service Fund budgeting
  • General school finance advising

Backed by Your ESD Team

ESD 112 has been working closely with school districts for over 45 years. We understand the complexities and dynamic nature of the education environment. Mark is supported in-house by a highly esteemed public relations and communications department, legal guidance, construction services, and business financial services.

Additional Team Suppor​t

  • Construction Group Services
  • Project Planning
  • Construction Management
  • OSPI Coordination
  • Design
  • Legal Services
  • General Legal Support
  • Impact Fee Assistance
  • School Finance
  • Business Manager Support

Our public partnership approach, team of expert professionals and solid history of providing a wide breadth of resources makes the ESD 112 team highly qualified to serve as financial advisors to school districts.

Who to Contact

For Questions or to Register:

Mark Prussing




Bond Checklist

Washington School District Bond Checklist

The following checklist is provided to assist school finance officers in managing bond compliance throughout the fiscal year. A fillable PDF is also available for download and use:

Download Bond Checklist

Annual Items

  • Summer/Fall: Review the district’s new assessed value for bonds and levies and provide the data to the finance team
  • Fall: If selling new bonds or anticipating an election, review the impact of the new AV on the plans
  • November: Confirm levy certification
  • December 1: Record journal entry for bond payments
  • Fall/Winter: Submit unaudited financial statements (F196) to EMMA as soon as they are available
  • April: Prepare or request a Debt Service Fund cash flow analysis from your local ESD or ESD 112
  • May: If a new or refunding bond issue is anticipated in the next fiscal year, consider impact on budgets
  • By May 31: Submit audited financial statements (Audit Report plus Audited F196) to EMMA as soon as available
  • By May 31: Submit required supplemental operating data to EMMA if not included in the audited financial statements, including the following most common items:
    • Schedule of outstanding debt
    • District assessed value
    • Property tax rates
    • Property tax collection percentages

    Retain copies of information filed and confirmation of filing

  • By May 31: Review EMMA website to make sure continuing disclosure filings are listed and complete
  • June 1: Record journal entry for bond payments
  • June: Prepare Debt Service Fund budget based on cash flow analysis

Material Events

  • Annually: Review list of material events requiring notice
  • Within 10 days of occurrence: Material event notice filed with EMMA, Most common items:
    • Rating changes for the District or credit enhancer (Bond insurance or State Guarantee rating)
    • Incurrence of a material financial obligation (such as a bank loan or financing lease)

If bonds are sold during the year

  • Following sale: Prepare accounting entries and evaluate impact on budgets
  • Following sale: Request a budget extension if needed for costs of issuance
  • Prepare financial statement footnotes for long-term debt and refunding issues

If new-money bonds are sold or bond proceeds are unspent

  • Review arbitrage rebate requirements and filings

Who to Contact

For Questions or to Register:

Mark Prussing




Additional Resources

Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA) 

Bond Checklist (PDF)

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