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System and School Improvement

The OSPI/AESD Statewide Network is a system of aligned professional learning which is data-informed, strategically focused on building educator capacity, and centered on equitable access.

As we work forward with the implementation of the Washington School Improvement Framework (WSIF) and the System and School Improvement support model for all schools, OSPI and ESDs have redesigned services provided to schools identified for supports.

To achieve reduced opportunity gaps, OSPI and ESDs will focus their collective efforts to build data proficiency across the system, strengthen core instruction, deliver tiered supports, improve the service delivery of special education, and support educator effectiveness.

Supports for Schools

Tier I: Targeted with 1-2 Student Groups

Foundational and Tier I supports are designed for schools that have relatively strong instruction models, but need focused supports in a few specific areas as indicated by the WSIF. The supports for Foundational and Tier I that are listed here are just a snapshot of what currently exists in terms of supports in the priority areas of data and equity, core instruction, tiered supports, delivery of special education, and educator effectiveness.

Schools that improve are schools that use data to help determine needs and gaps, and then develop a viable School Improvement Plan (SIP) to address those gaps.

OSPI Data, School Identification and Progress Resources

Teachers in high-achieving schools employ best practice pedagogy, with a high effect size, to ensure students learn at high levels.

Menus of Best Practices

High-achieving schools have established a culture of learning through academic press, social and behavioral supports, and building the relational trust needed for every student to learn and grow. Washington’s Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) framework strengthens the culture of learning.


OSPI SQSS Supports – Graduation A Team Effort (GATE) is conducting a monthly webinar series on best practices in relation to the WSIF measures of success, such as chronic absenteeism, behavior, 9th grade failure, and graduation.

High-achieving schools maintain a culture of learning, a growth mindset, inclusion, and access to the core instruction and curriculum that ensures that every student learns.

Professional Development Opportunities

Supporting Students in a Mixed Ability Classroom with Core Instructional Support – October 13, 2018

This introductory class will explore the rationale and strategies for supporting a mixed ability classroom by using differentiated instruction. The session will dive into the role of the teacher and how to create a supportive learning environment for all students.

Empowering Your ELLs – October 29, 2018

In this engaging, hands-on presentation, participants will learn practical strategies for explicit and systematic reading instruction that can be immediately used in the classroom. The strategies taught make sense of the English language- explaining why we read, spell, and pronounce words the way we do- so that when students encounter new and unfamiliar words, they are equipped with the skills to recognize and use these words independently.

Supporting Students Identified for Special Education with a Focus on Literacy Support – December 7, 2018

This session will focus on differentiated literacy strategies to scaffold and support all students in the general education classroom. Attendees will learn how to effectively teach complex text, as well as how to use text dependent questions as a strategy.

Supporting Students Identified as English Learners – February 8, 2019

Discuss and practice strategies for working with English Language learners. Students developing oral language skills need specific supports in the general education classroom. By learning how to set up strategies to support academic language, instructors can help students improve their language development, as well as their reading and writing skills.

Supporting Students Identified as Hi-Cap – April 13, 2019

This session will focus on work with Highly Capable students, including discussion about how co-teaching can be used as an effective model. Also included will be guidance on designing differentiated instruction for Hi-Cap students and lesson planning for individual and small group instruction.

Educators in high-achieving schools have the capacity to provide strong instructional and transformational leadership.

Teacher and Principal Evaluation Program

Early Career Teacher Development Program

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

ESD 112 staff are prepared to answer questions or customize strategies that will assist districts within the region. Please contact us or complete a professional development request form (below) for assistance with:

  • The completion of a needs assessment or development of an improvement plan
  • Data Coaching
  • Support or training for core instruction
  • MTSS
  • Differentiation

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Who to Contact

Kathy Whitlock

Executive Director, Student and School Success


Phone: 360-952-3417


Adam Noar

Administrative Assistant


Phone: 360-952-3411


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