Regional School Safety Center (RSSC)

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Partnership & Solutions for Safe & Healthy Students


About the Regional School Safety Center

The Regional School Safety Center (RSSC) at ESD 112 is the heart of a comprehensive, community-wide approach to school-based safety planning and behavioral and mental health support. The RSSC works in close partnership with OSPI.

By utilizing a combination of best-practices approaches to behavioral health, student threat assessment, school safety coordination, and wellness and treatment services, a more complete picture of student needs and supports can be developed. The RSSC creates unique connections across school, community, state, and local systems to provide a comprehensive approach to behavioral health and school safety.

The RSSC offers a comprehensive “one-stop-shop” solution to school safety needs.


Regional School Safety Center Services

Using a best practices approach and point people assigned to areas of focus, ESD 112’s RSSC provides a comprehensive picture of student needs and available supports.

Who to Contact

Who to Contact

Travis Effinger

Threat Assessment Coordinator


Phone: 360-209-8879


Jennifer Hines

Behavioral Health Program Specialist


Phone: 360-952-3372


Don Lawry

Threat Assessment Coordinator


Phone: 360-952-3336


Corina McEntire

School Safety Coordinator


Phone: 360-952-3528


Susan Peng-Cowan

Behavioral Health Navigator


Phone: 360-952-3612


Ellie Slaikeu

School Safety Public Health Specialist


Phone: 360-952-3556


Regional School Safety Center Programs

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