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About the Early Care and Education Centers

In 1989, Clark County’s business, education and civic leaders joined Educational Service District 112 to take an extraordinary step: they launched the first of what has now become the largest community-run child care system in the United States. Today, this effort is recognized as one of the “best and brightest” examples of local, state and federal government programs addressing one of today’s toughest issues: child care.

Early Care and Education operates 40 centers in Clark and Cowlitz Counties serving 2,200 children and 1,700 parents utilizing more than 300 employees.

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Washington Early Achievers - Preparing Children for Success in School

All of our centers that serve children ages birth through five years old participate in our state’s Quality Rating and Improvement System called Early Achievers. This system includes professional development, on site coaching, and program assessment.

Full Day Centers

Full Day Centers

Early Care and Education provides quality child care services for children in Clark County. Our licensed centers offer full-day care and are located on or near school grounds in partnership with local school districts and area businesses.

Our centers serve a variety of ages:

Daily routines are designed around the individual feeding, diapering, and sleeping schedule of each infant. Caregivers include many learning opportunities within these routines by talking with each infant, playing simple one on one games, and encouraging emerging skills throughout the day.

The room is designed so that play spaces, individual cribs, diapering area, and eating area are easily monitored by caregivers. Safety and cleanliness are top priorities.

The following center offers school year infant care in partnership with Vancouver Public Schools:

The following centers offer infant care to families who are eligible for the Early Head Start & Early ECEAP program:

To find out if you are eligible for Early Head Start & Early ECEAP, call (360) 952-3466 or email 

Toddlers are in constant motion! You will see them actively exploring their environment trying new ways of doing things. To encourage a toddler to learn through play by touching, seeing, hearing, and moving around, the room has specific play areas. Those areas would include a place for climbing, a quiet book area, low shelves with simple puzzles and manipulatives, and a dramatic play area for make believe play.

Caregivers spend much of their day facilitating the children’s play choices while encouraging social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and beginning language development

The daily schedule is organized around repeated routines that include, diapering, toileting, dressing, eating, and napping. It also includes free play and outside time. Caregivers utilize these routines to nurture learning and as relationship building opportunities.

Our programs strive to provide preschoolers with a safe, healthy, stimulating and caring early learning environment. Activities and routines are designed around children’s interests and developmental needs. The preschool classrooms are divided into interest areas such as blocks, dramatic play, books, puzzles, manipulatives, art exploration and science discovery. The daily schedules offer opportunities for children to make choices about what they want to explore and learn more about while also providing structured and facilitated activities to help support children as they acquire new skills.

Mixed-age classrooms provide opportunities for preschool children, ages 2 1/5 to 5 years, to interact with other preschoolers of varying ages and abilities. This model encourages peer modeling and fosters the development of leadership skills for older children. For the younger children, this model offers a variety of increased opportunities for development including social skills and language development.

Classroom staff provide safe and consistent opportunities for children to learn and grow through trusted relationships and regular routines. The daily routines are designed to provide varied social and developmental experiences, which include small group activities, special projects, quiet/rest time, large muscle play and meals.

We are committed to partnering with families and elementary schools to promote school readiness and strengthen the kindergarten transition process.

Activities, games, and projects are designed to support and enhance children’s development cognitively in literacy, math, science and creative arts. Caregivers also provide daily opportunities for children to be physically active.

The School-age room is arranged into interest and activity areas. These include a comfortable and quiet listening and reading area, table activities such as puzzles and games, art exploration, homework and study area, and building and construction.

Children are given consistent guidance in learning cooperation, conflict resolution, and developing a sense of “shared community” within the group.

Frequently Asked Questions

School Age Centers

School Age Centers

Our centers offer before and after school care for school-age children between the ages of 5—12 years. The school-age room is arranged into interest and activity areas.

These include a comfortable quiet reading area, table activities such as puzzles, games and craft projects, a homework and study area, building and construction area, and places for special projects and activities. Activities, games, and projects are designed to support and enhance children’s development in literacy, math, science, and the creative arts.

What Our Centers Offer

Learning through play
  • Problem solving
  • Sharing
  • Respect
  • Cooperation
  • Being part of a team
Amazing Activities
  • Educational Opportunities
  • School Focus/Homework time
  • Exploring Science
  • Creative Cooking
  • Art on Display
  • Building Blocks
  • Gym/Outdoor play
  • Snacks
  • Clinics
  • In-Trips
  • Field Trips
  • Guest Speakers

Before & After School Centers

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Rates & Enrollment

2021-2022 Early Care and Education Center Rates

Rates for care at the child care centers are at or below the average for the area. State child care subsidies are accepted at all our centers. For more information on current rates, please call our enrollment team at 360-952-3466 or email them at

Age Group Daily Rate
Infant *Must be enrolled in Early Head Start/Early ECEAP.
Toddler Please call for current rates.
Preschool Please call for current rates.
School Age Rates
Kindergarten – Age 12 Daily Rate
Before OR After School Only $23.00 per day
Before AND After School $38.00 per day
Full Day of Care on Non-School Days $44.00 per day


For questions about availability please contact our Enrollment Team (ERSEA Team) at 360-952-3466 or

Register online if the center of your choice has openings and you are ready to submit a registration request. Our ERSEA Team will review your submission and either request additional information or approve your request and send a contract for your signature. The contract will identify the start date and daily rate for care.

As of August 2020 Washington State does require up to date Certificate of Immunizations records or Certificates of Exception to participate in our Early Care and Education programs. Please call our ERSEA Team if you have questions about this process or need information about Immunization Clinics happening in your area.

Certificate of Immunization
Certificate of Immunization Exemption

Contact ECE Child Care Centers

Call: 360-952-3466
Email: ECE Child Care Centers

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