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Serving children, schools and their communities for 50 years

Who We Are

Who We Are

Educational Service District 112 is one of nine statutory regional service agencies in the state of Washington. Created by the legislature 50 years ago, ESDs ensure equitable educational opportunities for all students—urban and rural alike. ESDs are an essential partner in the efficient operation of Washington’s 295 school districts and provide millions of dollars in services to schools through cooperatives, trusts, and competitive state, federal and private funds.

Our service region spans 30 school districts, two state schools and numerous private schools. We also provide additional services to districts throughout the state in partnership with Washington’s eight other Educational Service Districts. Through the facilitation of partnerships, cooperatives, state and federal grants and fee for service work, ESD 112 helps districts leverage resources to achieve program efficiency and cost savings.

In addition to acting as a liaison between local districts and the State Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction to deliver programs mandated by the state, Washington’s ESDs are public entities, which operate in a highly entrepreneurial fashion. We blend the benevolence of the public sector with the spirit and ingenuity of the private sector.

Report to Our Partners 2020-2021

For over 50 years, ESD 112 has been known region-wide for finding innovative solutions to complex problems. This report highlights the incredible innovation and dedication of the ESD 112 team to support schools during COVID-19 response and recovery.

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Our Mission & Goals

Our Mission

ESD 112 equalizes educational opportunities for learning communities through innovative partnerships, responsive leadership, and exceptional programs.

Our Goals

  1. Support all learners in demonstrating high levels of performance and civic engagement.
  2. Anticipate and respond to changing needs through collaboration and strategic alliances.
  3. Utilize research and data to create, strengthen, sustain, and deliver quality programs and services.
  4. Engage the ESD, schools, and community through effective communication.
  5. Provide a work environment that values employees and creates opportunities for growth, contribution, and reward.
  6. Maintain fiscal integrity and manage resources to ensure our viability and capacity to serve.

What We Do

Scope of Service

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. That certainly is true at ESD 112, where almost 250 innovative programs have evolved over the past 43 years to meet the emerging needs of more than 100,000 students in 200 schools.

More than 600 ESD 112 professionals are positioned in 30 public school districts and more than 25 private schools in Southwest Washington’s six counties including Clark, Skamania, Cowlitz, Wahkiakum, Klickitat and Pacific. We also serve the Washington State School for the Blind and the Washington School for the Deaf, and assist with home schooling and other educational inquiries.

Our scope of services is wide and varied. It includes but is not limited to curriculum; instructional support and assessment; business operations; transportation; youth employment; printing; public relations; data processing; payroll; fingerprinting; network support; a statewide K-20 computer network; traffic safety education; construction management; preschool programs; homeless transportation; para-educator training; and special education.

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The National Perspective

The National Perspective

ESD 112 is similar to other regional support systems throughout the country working to stretch limited dollars over demands for ever increasing services. Our agency is part of a larger network of regional educational entities under the umbrella of the Association of Educational Service Agencies (AESA). Nationwide, the value of these innovative service agencies has been emphasized by their inclusion in reauthorization language of federal school mandates and funding. One of the great strengths of ESDs is their ability to pool resources for the common benefit of students and taxpayers.

ESD Return on Investment
Association of Educational Service Agencies

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Report to Our Partners 2020-2021

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Educational Service District (ESD) 112 is seeking applicants interested in filling the unexpired term of the Director District #7 board position. The vacancy is open following the resignation of Ann Campbell, who served ESD 112 [...]

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