Our goal is to ensure that all students have equitable access to computer science through teacher trainings and materials

Program Details

A STEM Initiative in Computer Science

CS@112 creates a hub of professional learning, technology and resources to support computer science education in Southwest Washington schools. The goal of CS@112 is to ensure that all students have the opportunity to engage in computer science through equitable access to teacher training and materials.

Program Benefits

This initiative leverages existing structures of computer science in the region and bolsters access to all school districts ESD112 serves by:

  • Providing free computer science professional development
  • Integrating computer science hardware and software into existing elementary science kits
  • Developing three new middle school STEM + Computer Science kits for loan
  • Planning a LEGO robotics loan program
  • Providing professional development for STEM Robotics 101 and Advanced Robotics to 36 middle school teachers
  • Training teacher leaders to deliver Code.org curriculum to over 100 elementary and middle school teachers
  • Connecting high school students and teachers to high-tech business and industry through a partnership with the SW WA STEM Network and the Vancouver Chamber of Commerce
  • Providing professional development for administrators and counselors on computer science

STEM Cutting Edge

ESD 112 Region Schools are creating meaningful opportunities to learn computer science.

Project Outreach

By the Numbers—Project Outreach

# of teachers trained in Introductory STEM Robotics
# of teachers trained in Advanced STEM Robotics
# of students served by roboticseducation
# of students served through integrated STEM + CS kits
# of teachers trained on using Computational Thinking tools, probes and sensors though STEM kits kits
# of teachers trained in Code.org coding curriculum
# of students served through Code.org curriculum

Value adds for SMC Members

Teachers are able to check out the equipment below at no cost, if their districts are STEM Materials Center (SMC) members and they have received training from ESD.

# of loanable sets of LEGO EV3 robots
# of loanable sets of Ozobot robots
# of sets of BeeBot early learning robots
# of Robot Turtles games for preschool and kindergarten teachers
# of Vernier probes and sensors available for check-out

Program Contacts

Who to Contact

Katherine Livick

Integrated Learning Coach


Phone: 360-952-3395

Email: katherine.livick@esd112.org

Vickei Hrdina

STEM Director


Phone: 360-952-3427

Email: vickei.hrdina@esd112.org

Serena Decator

STEM Materials Specialist


Phone: 360-952-3434

Email: serena.decator@esd112.org

STEM Resources

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