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ESD 112 CDL Skills Test Examiners conduct CDL Skill Tests for new school bus drivers in accordance with DOL CDL testing guidelines.

About the Program

Commercial Driver License (CDL) Third Party Examiner (TPE) Program

With the support and assistance of the Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL) Commercial Driver’s License Division (CDL), ESD 112 Third Party Skills Test Examiners are trained and routinely monitored, evaluated and audited to ensure consistency in testing.

Skills Test Examiner Qualifications

Each Third Party Skills Test Examiner must have a minimum of two years as a successful school bus driver with at least a Class B CDL with “S” and “P” endorsements. Each candidate must successfully complete a multi-day training course conducted by the WA State Department of Licensing CDL Compliance Division. The curriculum for the course follows existing DOL testing standards, which include guidelines from the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA).

ESD 112 Third Party Skills Test Examiners must also attend annual in-service training courses conducted by the WA State DOL CDL Compliance Division.

Third Party Skills Test

Third Party Skills Test Program

ESD 112 employs highly qualified individuals to conduct CDL Skills Testing for school bus driver trainees who wish to obtain a Class B or Class C Commercial Driver’s License with “S” and “P” endorsements. The CDL license, along with the appropriate endorsements are necessary to drive a school bus in Washington State.

DOL CDL Skills Testing Services Agreement

Washington State Public Schools, Private Schools, Tribal Agencies, and School District Contractors who utilize ESD 112 CDL Skills Test Examiners and purchase skills testing services through ESD 112, are required to complete a DOL CDL Skills Testing Services Agreement. This agreement is to contract for delivery of Department of Licensing (DOL) Commercial Driver License (CDL) Skills Testing Services through ESD 112. The agreement will be retained for a period of 5 years and will need to be renewed every five years thereafter.


If you have questions regarding the contractual agreement, please contact:

Tyler Wright
GL Accountant, Business Services

For questions regarding contract status or the purchase of a CDL Skills Test, please contact:

Cherrie Williams
Transportation Specialist


Questions and Answers

What is the fee for CDL Third Party Examination and who pays?

The current rate for tests given by examiners  is $100 (plus a $10 processing fee for credit card, debit card, and open purchase order payments).  Depending on the arrangement with the district, the driver being tested may be required to pay all or part of the fee, or the school district may pay it.  Testing fees are payable to ESD 112.

Who furnishes training manuals, records, forms, and other necessary materials?

The Department of Licensing will provide each examiner with all forms necessary to conduct tests.

Who provides the training venue and applicable employment and record keeping requirements?

ESD 112 will maintain all employment records, timesheets, and payroll information for each examiner.

What is the role of OSPI?

Patti Enbody, Program Supervisor, will provide technical support and assistance to the program, organizing tests as needed, and monitoring annual certification requirements for examiners and test route approvals.

What does the examiner need to provide?

Successful candidates will furnish their own testing equipment (i.e. 20-24 12” high traffic cones, clip board, flashlight, etc.)


Who to Contact

Patti Enbody

Director, Student Transportation


Phone: 360-725-6122


Rodney McKnight

Regional Transportation Coordinator


Phone: 360-952-3595


Cherrie Williams

Transportation Specialist


Phone: 360-952-3641


School Bus Drivers Wanted

Free CDL training. Apply below or call 360-750-7510.

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