Comprehensive School Safety Coordinator

The Comprehensive School Safety Coordinator is responsible for providing leadership in the area of comprehensive school safety planning, otherwise referred to as EOP planning. In coordination with the ESDs Threat Assessment Coordinator and the Behavioral Health Systems Navigator, the CSSC shall provide to the districts and schools in its region:

  • Services necessary for comprehensive safe school planning under RCW 28A.320.125
  • Planning, coordination, and/or delivery of other school district staff trainings related to school safety issues, in order to maximize quality professional learning
  • Assistance with coordinating other entities in the region to provide support to school districts before emergencies occur
  • Facilitation in the development of collaborative relationships with community organizations, private schools, businesses, and others interested in supporting safe schools
  • Information about systems and programs that allow anonymous reporting of student concerns
  • Real-time support and assistance for school districts in crisis, such as offering information, technical assistance associated with best practices, and staff trained in responding to school emergencies
  • Technical assistance to school districts seeking funding for first aid, health, and safety and security resources
  • Services consistent with other state and federal school safety requirements

Who to Contact

Don Lawry

School Safety Coordinator


Phone: 360-952-3336