School Safety Coordination

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Comprehensive, multi–layered approach to emergency operations planning


School Safety Coordination

The RSSC provides comprehensive school safety coordination that works with school districts to support emergency operations planning. Comprehensive safety coordination utilizes the RSSC network of support in threat assessment and behavioral health to offer a multi-layered approach that addresses training, pre-planning, community relationship-building, and real-time support in an emergency.

RSSC’s comprehensive safety coordinator provides the services necessary for schools to comply with comprehensive safe school planning under RCW 28A.320.125.

Best practices for keeping schools safe and healthy:

Each district and each school campus should have an established team that represents the multiple needs and perspectives of the whole school community.

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The process of planning is just as critical as having a plan. We recommend scheduling regular meetings to address school safety plan sections throughout the year.

Gathering data and information should regularly inform the needs of the school safety plan. Multiple sources of information can help a school assess and address safety and security needs.

Regular drills, training, and practice ensures students and staff know what to do in the event of an emergency.

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Engaging local partners in your planning process is key to their ability to effectively respond in an emergency. Tapping into their expertise strengthens your comprehensive plan.

These provide the baseline for establishing a campus that feels safe and secure.

Prioritize what measures are needed specific to your school campus and integrate these into the comprehensive plan for keeping a safe and healthy school environment.

Ten Essential Actions to Improve School Safety (PDF) >


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Who to Contact

Corina McEntire

School Safety Coordinator


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