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We are now providing a higherquality learning environment for our children.

Program Details

What is Early Achievers and the Quality Rating and Improvement System

Early Achievers is a comprehensive, statewide, research-based program that provides free supports and resources to child care providers so they can make improvements to their programs.

Early Achievers also provides an easy-to-understand quality rating system. The rating system helps families find child care programs that are engaged in continuous quality improvements efforts and have had their quality validated by the University of Washington.

How Does Early Achievers Work?

Early Achievers works in partnership with the Department of Early Learning, Child Care Aware of Washington and the University of Washington. Early Care & Education manages Washington State’s Quality Rating and Improvement System for Southwest Washington. A key strategy of the Statewide Early Learning Plan, Early Achievers seeks to improve the quality of child care and early learning programs. This is a voluntary program where participants receive training, coaching, resources and support.

There is no cost to participate

Early Achievers gives providers access to coaching and professional development opportunities. Early Achievers also offers support and resources to help early learning professionals, both family home providers and centers, improve the quality of their care.

Washington Early Achievers - Preparing Children for Success in School


Resources for Families and Providers

Video Resources

These wonderful videos were produced in partnership with Child Care Aware of Washington, University of Washington and Department of Early Learning.

Department of Early Learning Resources for Families

Child Care Aware of Washington- Early Achievers information for Providers

Child Care Aware of Washington- Programa de Early Achievers

Professional Development

Professional Development Opportunities

For information on Early Achievers Professional Development, please contact Corina McEntire at 360.952.3361.


Southwest Washington Early Achievers Team

The Southwest Washington Early Achievers team is dedicated to ensuring that Early Achiever participants receive access to trainings, resources, scholarship opportunities, and ongoing technical assistance and support. Each team member values the work that early learning professionals are doing in the community and look forward to partnering to ensure quality child care opportunities for children and their families.

Michelle Aguilar

Child Care Aware Manager


Phone: 360-952-3363

Email: Michelle.Aguilar@esd112.org

Luis Pascual

Bilingual Secretary I


Phone: 360-952-3358

Email: luis.pascual@esd112.org

Tracy Butler

Early Learning Coordinator


Phone: 360-952-3368

Email: tracy.butler@esd112.org

Carol Benefiel

Child Care Aware Specialist


Phone: 360-952-3616

Email: carol.benefiel@esd112.org

Sonya Shine

Infant-Toddler Coach


Phone: 360-952-3364

Email: sonya.shine@esd112.org

Carmen McClain

Child Care Aware Specialist


Phone: 360-261-6116

Email: carmen.mcclain@esd112.org

Lynsey Kemplin

Child Care Aware Specialist


Phone: 360-952-3303

Email: lynsey.kemplin@esd112.org

Kari Johnson

Child Care Aware Specialist (Cowlitz)


Phone: 360-355-3144

Email: kari.johnson@esd112.org

Samantha Stevens

Relationship Based Professional Development Manager


Phone: 360-952-3361

Email: samantha.stevens@esd112.org

Desiree Barsegian

Child Care Aware Specialist


Phone: 360-952-3449

Email: desiree.barsegian@esd112.org

Rachel Fox

Infant-Toddler Coach


Phone: 360-952-3359

Email: rachel.fox@esd112.org

Kaela Zarkovich

Child Care Aware Specialist


Phone: 360-952-3463

Email: kaela.zarkovich@esd112.org

Jesi Sucku

Child Care Aware Specialist


Phone: 360-952-3348

Email: jesi.sucku@esd112.org

Krystine Carney

Child Care Aware Specialist (Lewis/Pacific)


Phone: 360-736-9393 x450

Email: Krystine.carney@esd112.org

Aprille McMillan

Child Care Aware Specialist


Phone: 360-952-3430

Email: aprille.mcmillan@esd112.org

Heather Scannell

Child Care Aware Specialist (Lewis)


Phone: 360-736-9393 x450

Email: heather.scannell@esd112.org

Christine King

Child Care Aware Specialist


Phone: 360-952-3376

Email: christine.king@esd112.org

Ella Fultz

Child Care Aware Specialist


Phone: 360-952-3372

Email: ella.fultz@esd112.org

Tracy Collins

Early Learning Trainer


Phone: 360-952-3309

Email: tracy.collins@esd112.org

Shaunene Edwards

Early Learning Trainer


Phone: 360-952-3379

Email: shaunene.edwards@esd112.org

ECE State Resources

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