Earlier this year, 13 families completed an 8-week Circle of Security Parenting™ (COSP) Series, exploring new skills and strategies that help caregivers, families, and educators to build healthy relationships with their children, and improve their resiliency. COSP invites caregivers and families to explore children’s attachment needs in a supportive, caring space.

COSP is an internationally recognized, research-based program featuring trained and registered facilitators working with parent/guardians to help them to:

  • Understand their child’s emotional world by learning to read emotional needs
  • Support their child’s ability to successfully manage emotions
  • Enhance the development of their child’s self esteem
  • Honor the innate wisdom and desire for their child to be secure

Rachel Fox, Early Care & Education Resiliency Specialist at ESD 112, completed the COSP Facilitator training in 2022 in order to offer the Circle of Security Parenting series to birth through pre-kindergarten families participating in various Early Care & Education (ECE) programs. Fox felt the COSP program aligned with the work she was doing to support children and families, helping caregivers and educators to understand the cues and attachment needs, self-esteem, and emotional regulation and relationships that children need to build resiliency and emotional wellbeing.

“I have been in Early Care & Education work for over 25 years and Circle of Security has had a significant impact on me personally and professionally,” said Fox. “It helped give a framework for the things that I inherently knew were important and empowered me by giving tangible tools to understand attachment needs, supporting the emotional bonds and relationships we have throughout the lifespan.”

Fox recently completed additional training through COSP that allows her to offer the program to birth through pre-kindergarten ECE educators and Family Support Specialist staff at ESD 112.

“This is something that is very exciting. I hope it will give educators and families tools for supporting their important relationships with children, and language and a framework to support each other, fostering spaces that promote emotional safety and belonging.” Rachael Fox

Following the initial 8-week COSP series held earlier this spring, some of the feedback (shared with permission from the families and caregivers who completed the program) include:

“Our bond has gotten better and I’m noticing his miscues more.”
“It gave me a new way of thinking and answering to my children’s needs.”
“I really like the visual aids. I took the booklet apart and laminated the visuals so that I could put them on my refrigerator for a reminder.”
“Reflection on the where you are in the Circle was my favorite part.”
“I really enjoyed the class. I have become a better parent with the tools that I have learned to use. I have so many friends that I wish could take this course.”
“It was amazing, I learned so much and also had a great time doing it!”
“Circle of Security has helped me learn that there is no “perfect” way to parent- my best is Enough!”
Parents received certificates of completion.

Parent participants received certificates of completion.

Upcoming Trainings

The next Circle of Security Parenting Series for caregivers and families of birth to pre-kindergarten children enrolled in ECE programs through ESD 112 are scheduled to take place starting in late September. The sessions are free for families enrolled in ESD 112’s Birth – 5 program. Advance registration is required.

Starting September 13, ESD 112 will be offering the Circle of Security Parenting Series for Family Support Specialists. This first-time offering, led by ESD 112 Resiliency Specialist Rachel Fox, will offer professional learning space, and the opportunity to explore children’s attachment needs, while supporting their important work with families.

For more information about either of the upcoming Circle of Security Parenting Series, contact Rachel Fox (360-952-3455).