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Removing barriers to student success.

About Prevention

Prevention and Youth Services

ESD 112 Prevention and Youth Services are dedicated to helping communities establish and maintain healthy, supportive environments.

Overall Purpose

To establish a comprehensive, integrated model of services that fosters safe school and community environments, promotes healthy childhood development and prevents violence, alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse.


ESD 112 Prevention and Youth Services foster healthy, safe and engaged young people through comprehensive systems of support, collaboration and capacity building within the six county region.

Who to Contact

Joy Lyons

Assistant Director Prevention


Phone: 360-952-3397


Prevention Programs

Upcoming Classes

Prevention Programs & Grants

Programs/Grants administered by Prevention and Youth Services include:

Washington State Community Prevention and Wellness Initiative
Student Threat Assessment Program
Prevent Coalition
Attendance and Reengagement Program

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Prevention Program News

Use Your Voice event prepares next generation of leaders

On December 8, Teens for Tomorrow facilitated the annual Use Your Voice student-led training event at Excelsior High School to empower and educate the next generation of leaders and change-makers. Use Your Voice youth trainings [...]

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