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2022–23 School Year COVID Information

The Washington State Department of Health (DOH) has released updated guidance for schools to follow during the 2022-23 school year. While much of the guidance remains the same as it was at the end of the last school year, there are a few important updates to be aware of.

Health and Safety Requirements for this Fall:

  • Students and staff who show symptoms of COVID-19 are required to stay home and should get tested for COVID-19.
  • Students and staff who test positive for COVID are required to isolate at home for 5 days. If symptoms improve and they have had no fever for the past 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medications, students and staff can come back to school and are encouraged to test before returning.
  • Students and staff returning to school after isolation should wear a well-fitted mask from days 6 to 10. Individuals returning to school from isolation should also remain masked for sports and other extracurricular activities.
  • Students and staff who test positive after 5 days of isolation must stay at home for the full 10-day isolation period.
  • Schools must inform students, families, and staff when there are cases or outbreaks in school. Most are doing so via their website dashboard or an email notification. Schools are no longer required to directly notify high-risk students or staff.

These requirements are legally binding and in place for all public and private K-12 schools and child care facilities in Washington State.

  • Have questions about starting a COVID testing program in your school?
  • Looking for COVID mitigation resources?
  • Other questions related to COVID?


Corina McEntire
ESD 112 COVID Coordinator

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