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ERate Assistance for schools and districts.

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About E-Rate Assistance

ESD 112 provides assistance with the application process for E-Rate discounts for school districts in the E-Rate consortium.

Launched during the 2014-2015 school year, 21 school districts in Southwest joined the ESD 112 E-Rate consortium to get assistance with their E-Rate applications, and collectively, saved over $1.3 million. In 2015-2016, eight additional districts joined the cooperative. And in 2016-2017, member districts of the E-Rate consortium saved just a hair under $5 million collectively!

What to do if you are interested in joining ESD 112’s E-Rate Cooperative

If your district has made the decision to become a member district of the ESD 112 E-Rate Consortium, follow these steps:

1. Agreement Contact Information

Please fill out and submit the Contact form in completion. If you have any issues completing the form, please email Diane Pfeiffer. The contact information will allow us to directly contact the correct person at your district, depending on whether its billing questions, program questions, etc. Once we have received the contact information, we will begin creating the official Agreement for your Superintendent to sign. For your district’s information, this is the scope of services that will be provided in the E-Rate Agreement. Once the Agreement has been signed by both your District and ESD 112, Paul can begin his work with your District.

2. ESD 112’s E-Rate Consortium Fee Schedule

Your District’s membership fee is based on the amount of funding your District applies for. Please note that when districts apply for small amounts of E-Rate Discounts, we can negotiate the consortium fee. The fee schedule set for the funding years 2018-19, 2019-20, and 2020-21 are published here.

For More Information

Jeff Strunk

Purchasing Manager


Phone: 360-949-1989

Bunny Stevens

Project Coordinator, DigitalEdge


Phone: 360-952-3415

Diane Pfeiffer

Secretary II


Phone: 360-952-3394

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