Columbia River Gorge Information Service Center (CRGISC)Three Educational Service Districts (ESDs) have united to enhance their software support capabilities. Last fall, ESD 105, ESD 112, and ESD 171 jointly announced plans to establish the Greater Columbia River Information Service Center (GCRISC) to make software support experiences more accessible and seamless for districts across each of the participating ESD regions.

“I am excited and honored to be a part of this collaboration,” said Stephanie Hance, Managing ISC Director, GCRISC. “Collectively, we will be more efficient and better equipped to provide our districts with the service they deserve. More than ever, districts need support as they work to leverage the efficiencies that Skyward software provides, and I’m confident the Greater Columbia River ISC will help to satisfy that need.”

Creation of a Combined Information Service Center

The formation of GCRISC represents a collaborative effort among the three ESDs to consolidate their expertise and resources in software support. GCRISC serves as a central hub for subject-matter teams specializing in various aspects of software support, including payroll/HR, fiscal management, and student services for both Skyward SMS 2.0 and Skyward Qmlativ systems.

Key Advantages of Having the Combined GCRISC for School Districts

The combined ISC allows for:

  1. Access to more software support resources: With the combined ISC, school districts gain access to an expanded pool of software support resources, ensuring timely assistance for their unique needs.
  2. Increased expertise: The GCRISC’s specialized teams offer a wealth of expertise in software support systems, equipping school districts with the knowledge and assistance necessary to navigate complex software challenges.
  3. Dedicated migration support: The GCRISC allocates additional resources to help school districts transition to new software solutions, easing the migration process.

Continuity in Service

Along with these enhancements, the core services and supports that school districts have come to trust for requesting software support remain unchanged. Each ESD is committed to maintaining a strong presence within their respective regions. This commitment ensures that regional training opportunities will continue, connecting educators with familiar faces and trusted support networks. While school districts can continue to rely on existing contacts, they can also anticipate the inclusion of additional experts to further strengthen the support team.

GCRISC represents a significant step toward providing school districts with the comprehensive support they need in the ever-evolving landscape of educational software, and the ESDs involved are looking forward to their continued partnership with regional school districts.

For more information, please contact Stephanie Hance, ISC Managing Director, at