It’s inevitable…winter is coming! And along with it, the chance of snow and inclement weather in many areas within the ESD 112 region. But the most dreaded is the 5am phone call from the district cancelling school. Or it’s letting you know the busses are on snow routes. Or there is a 2-hour late start. Wait, now it’s a 3-hour delay. But it’s a delay AND you’re on snow routes. So many things! And it’s only 5am! You haven’t even had coffee yet! So what are you supposed to do?

Many districts will send home letters around this time of year (check the bottom of your kiddo’s backpack) as well as post procedures on their websites about what to do in most of these cases. We’ve rounded up as many links that we could find to help you locate your district information below:

Now, when that call comes at 5am, you’ll be confident in knowing what you need to do. Even without the coffee.