ITB/Contract #ESD112-DE-15A (Archived)

Download the DigitalEdge Contract #ESD112-DE-15A containing addenda and amendment language as of May 2017.

The bid is now closed.

This page is an archive of the web page that was made available to all interested bidders. It includes the original public notice and all related documents. It also includes a section where purchasers can download PDF's of the affidavits provided by the publishing journals and newspapers where the public notice appeared. Please scroll down to find the documents you are seeking. If you don't find what you need, please contact the DigitalEdge office at 360.952.3415

This page is a placeholder for the materials that purchasers will need, once bids are awarded. 

         Invitation to Bid #ESD112-DE-15A

           Public Notice Inviting Bids

Notice to Manufacturers, and authorized resellers of Chromebooks and Related Solutions

Notice is hereby given that Educational Service District 112 (ESD 112), Vancouver, WA shall receive formal sealed bids on Chromebooks and Related Solutions.  Bids shall be submitted the Project Coordinator for DigitalEdge at Educational Service District 112, 2500 NE 65th Avenue, Vancouver, WA 98661 by 4:30 p.m. (Pacific Time) on or before May 19, 2015.

Bids shall be opened and publicly read on May 20, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. (Pacific Time) at ESD 112 in the Pacific Room.  All interested persons may attend.

This ITB is provided on behalf of the following states: WA, OR, CO, ID, MT, AK, HI, NM, CA, NV, UT, WY.

The ITB and bid forms will be located on the Internet at on April 17,2015, and published in newspapers of general circulation pursuant to applicable laws.

Documents and Materials for this Bid

Interested bidders will need the following documents for their bid submittal: 

Please note:
Interested Bidders should contact Bunny Stevens, Project Coordinator for DigitalEdge and confirm if they are planning on submitting a response to this Invitation to Bid. Please email her at or call her at 360.952.3415.

Mandatory Virtual Bidders' Conference

Mandatory Virtual Bidders' Conference was held on Tuesday April 28, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. (Pacific Time)

Attendance at the Bidders' Conference is mandatory in order to be eligible to receive an award for a Contract.

The webinar covered the contents in the #ESD112-DE-15A Invitation to Bid and Contract.  The items that were reviewed are listed below including the agenda.

Please complete the following prior to the Mandatory Virtual Bidders' Conference:

  • Register here for the Mandatory Virtual Bidders' conference.  
    Once you have registered you will receive an email confirmation containing important information regarding the webinar.
  • Review the Meeting Agenda 
  • Download and review the Invitation to Bid, Contract and Bid Forms located in the Documents and Materials for this Bid section above.

Thank you for attending the Virtual Bidders' Conference - Webinar recording and materials are listed below:


Please check here for any posted addenda to be submitted with your bid.

Questions and Answers 

Questions posed by Bidders and the response to those questions will appear here.

Q:  When Bidders are submitting pricing for the Bids, how do they submit bulk discounts that would be offered?

A: Answer updated on April 30, 2015.  Bid prices submitted are for single units with a single sku. (A ten-pack of a product can be considered a single item, if the ten-pack has a single       sku.) Please look for an addendum on the web site that clarifies this.

Q: Would Document Cameras that are compatible with Chromebooks qualify as a Chrome OS accessory for this bid?

A:  The Bidder may offer any solution that supports, enhances or improves the use of Chromebooks and Chrome OS devices. Refer to the Instructions for Bidding section of the                     Invitation to Bid, page 12, paragraph 2.0.

Q: What document should be submitted for the Federal Tax ID? (Refer to the Invitation to Bid page 11, Instructions for Submitting Bid Materials,Tab #5)

A. Answer updated on April 30, 2015.  The Federal Tax ID number needs to be submitted only if the bidder is a non-profit organization.  This information would be submitted by         providing a copy of the W-9 form Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification form.Please look for an addendum on the web site that clarifies this.

Q: Is there one contract for all states that you serve?

A:  Answer updated on April 30, 2015.The DigitalEdge contracts serve all states that the Bidder is awarded. Please refer to Form A of the Bid form, and Instruction for Bidding section        of the Invitation to Bid. Please look for an addendum on the web site that clarifies this.

Q:  If a manufacturer is awarded a contract, can they authorize a reseller to represent their products on the contract?

A:  Yes. Please review the Invitation to Bid and the Bid form provided in the Document and Materials section on this webpage.

Q:  What is expected of a Bidder should they receive an awarded contract?

A:  Refer to the Contract and familiarize yourself with all of its sections, especially the Post-Award Requirements. The Contract and ITB should be reviewed thoroughly prior to submitting      a Bid.

Q:  Does the Third-Party LAN services include cyber security products (monitoring & filtering)?

A:   Yes

Q:  In the White Glove Services offerings there is an example of "auto-enrollment" services.  Does this include digital documentation and signature for deployment and             assignment,i.e., on-boarding parents and students and provisioning the physical properties?

A:  Auto-enrollment refers to preparing the Chrome OS devices for logging into the desired domain and enforcing policies on them that are set in the Admin console.

Q:  What are the requirements for filtering referred to in the Third-Party Wireless LAN Solutions.

A: The DigitalEdge has  identified requirements on the bid forms. In the absence of requirements, refer to The Instruction for Submitting Bid Materials, page 12, paragraph 2.0 of the            Invitation to Bid.  The evidence of how products support or enhance the use of Chrome OS devices, either with a narrative or specification sheet, is to be included with the bid forms.  

Q: Also, can you supply or point to a link that lists the winners of the past award?

A: Refer to the DigitalEdge website, product menu tab, contract descriptions for a listing of the master product price lists.

Q: If we have been awarded with a product, such as a protective case, on another Digital Edge contract that will also work for Chromebooks do we need to resubmit bid under this ITB or will the products awarded previously be considered applicable to Chromebooks as well?

A:  All current contracts with Chromebooks and related solutions will expire between August 31,2015 and December 31,2015.  It is advised that the current awarded vendors submit bids for the Invitation to Bid #ESD112-DE-15A.  Refer to the Scope of Work in the Invitation to Bid, page 6, paragraph 3.0.

Q: If we were awarded with a particular manufacturer’s product line on a previous Contract, will DigitalEdge allow another vendor to bid on the same product line under this separate ITB or will it be considered that we already have the award for that manufacturer?  

A: Please refer to the response to the question previously answered.

Q: Since multi-media projectors, document cameras, interactive integrated classroom solutions, amplification classroom solutions and flat panel displays are on another contract, can this catalog bid include them too?

A: If products in those categories are exclusively designed to work with Chrome OS devices, they may be offered in this bid. Please refer to Addendum #06 posted on the website.


Questions from the Virtual Bidders' Webinar:

Q: Is this webinar strictly to review and discuss only the Chromebook Invitation to bid (no other product categories)?

A: Yes, that is correct. The Invitation to Bid #ESD112-DE-15A focuses solely on Chromebooks and Related Solutions.

Q: Will a copy of the presentation be provided to participants?

A:  Yes, the recording of this webinar as well as the PDF of the PowerPoint slideshow will be available on the DigitalEdge website.

Q:  Will you provide a list of the people that attended the Mandatory Virtual Bidders’ Conference?

A:   No.

Q:  What is the previous Contract value – provide estimates?

A:  DigitalEdge contracts from 2002 through February, 2015 amounts to $86.6 million in sales. Since June 2013, sales of Chromebooks and related solutions amount to over 30,000              units, which equates to $7.4 million in sales.

Q:  What was the sales volume for last year?

A:  The sales volume from last year for all four DigitalEdge contracts was $14.6 million.

Q:  What is the % of district/schools that utilize the contracts through Digital Edge?

A:  Over 75% of the districts in Washington State use the DigitalEdge contract. While the DigitalEdge office does not have data from other states in regards to percentage, but our                  reports show that districts in all twelve states and beyond use the DigitalEdge Contract. 

Q: How do we add items to Section 2 on the Chromebook & Related Solutions form?

A:  You don’t add individual solutions to Section 2 until after the bids are awarded. Section 2 is used to designate a single discount to the manufacturer’s remaining products that                    are not listed in Section 1. Refer to the Instructions for Bidding, page 9, paragraph 3.4.2 of the Invitation to Bid. Please look for an addendum on the web site that clarifies this.

Q: If there is a section 2 on a tab, do you want part number and descriptions listed or just percentage off?

A:  Refer to the Instructions for Bidding, page 9, paragraph 3.4.2 of the Invitation to Bid. Please look for an addendum on the web site that clarifies this.

Q: For 3rd party carts, can we designate a different percentage off “by manufacturer” in Section 2 of the worksheet? Or do all other products by each manufacturer have          to be the same?

A:  Price adjustments can vary by manufacturer in Section 2. Please look for an addendum on the web site that clarifies this.

Q: Our territory may vary by manufacturer. How can we designate states by manufacturer?

A:  Please look for an addendum on the web site that clarifies this.

Q:  Please clarify what price sheet we are to base our pricing on.

A:  Refer to the Instructions for Bidding, page 9, paragraph 3.5 of the Invitation to Bid.  The price sheet that is used for baseline pricing is to remain consistent through the life of the              contract. The final bid price needs to be more competitive than education pricing as outlined on the bid forms. Please look for an addendum on the web site that clarifies this.

Q: Can you define the single unit stipulations as it pertains to bundling parts/equipment?

A:  Bid prices submitted are for single units with a single sku. (A ten-pack of a product can be considered a single item, if the ten-pack has a single sku.) Awarded Bidders may bundle          awarded solutions after awards are made. Please look for an addendum on the web site that clarifies this.

Q: Is shipping included in the final bid price?

A:  Yes, with the exception of carts and cart accessories.  Refer to the Instructions for Bidding, page 9, Section 3.6.2 of the Invitation to Bid.

Q: Is there a format for a Manufacturer to bid on parts of a bid - and then assign resellers to fulfill?  ie. Carts, or Chromebooks.

A:  If you are a manufacturer and you want to submit a bid on categories requested on the orange tabs, you can submit an offer. you may assign the Contract to the reseller(s) of your          choice. Bidders are reminded that the reporting of sales and payments of administration fees are from a single source as outlined in the Post-Award Requirements, page 16,                    paragraph 8.3 of the Contract. Use Form D of the bid form to designate the assignment of Contract duties.

Q: Regarding the bid forms with blue tabs…can we bid direct as a manufacturer and have dealers? You said choose one.

A:  The manufacturer can submit a bid, and assign it to a reseller. If the manufacturer has more than one reseller, the manufacturer shall be the single reporting source on Form D of the       Bid forms.

Q:  Regarding page 6, 1.9 - Did you mean to say you wanted or did not want Hapara or other solutions that are not specifically Google?

A:  As outlined in the Scope of Work, page 6, paragraph 1.9 of the Invitation to Bid, we are looking for Management Systems for use in a (GAFE) Google Apps for Education                           environment. Hapara and Interact are two examples of Management Systems for GAFE.

Q:  Do you want us to bid on Hapara and the other solution or not?

A:   This is your option as a bidder.

Q:  1.7 Does DigitalEdge have any additional specs on the wireless requirements?

A:   As outlined in the Scope of Work, page 6, paragraph 1.7 of the Invitation to Bid, DigitalEdge is seeking offers on wireless solutions that provide users access to the internet from a           Chrome OS device. That is our requirement as opposed to a specification; however you are required to submit specification sheets for the solutions you offer in your bid.

Q: About one hour, 26 minutes into the presentation, you have given an example of adding a Samsung product to the Chromebook (example mouse) that was made by            Samsung that gave the product greater utility.  Can a product that is directly and only related to that very specific Chromebook be added that is 'not' manufactured
by that manufacturer?

A:  Yes.

Q:  Can a protective cover be considered a “related solution?”

A:  Yes. Any product that improves, enhances or extends the use of a Chrome OS device is performance can be considered a related solution.

Q: How do you award the non-competitive bids? If two bidders choose the same brand of Chromebook but offer different 3rd party choices, what happens?

A:  Competitive bids are bids that offer the same manufacturers throughout the entire bids.  In the scenario described in the question, these are no two competitive bids, because they          are not offering the same manufacturers throughout the entire bid. Please refer to the Bid Evaluation, page 14, paragraph 2 of the Invitation to Bid.

Q:  Will you be comparing apples and oranges if one Chromebook provider provides a protective case, and the other Chromebook provider doesn't? Should the protective       cover be a requirement for evaluation of Chomebook providers?

A:   Please refer to the Bid Evaluation, page 14, paragraph 2.0 of the Invitation to Bid. 

Q:  Can a bidder be deemed in the non-competitive status by simply adding an important product that no other dealer is bidding?

A:   Yes, this can be interpreted that way.

Q:  How many vendors will you choose?

A:  All competitive bids will be evaluated as outlined in the Bid Evaluation, page 14, paragraph 3.0, of the Invitation to Bid and the lowest bidder of competitive bids will be selected. 

Q:  Is the meeting on June 9th or 10th an-onsite in-person meeting?

A:  The DigitalEdge staff are able to provide all information in an interactive webinar and encourage all awarded bidders to attend through the webinar.

Q:  How exactly do you track the volume of sales made from this contract to the reseller?  Is the sales tracking solely the responsibility of the reseller?  Some co-ops                 require PO's to be sent to both the Reseller and the Co-Op.

A:  The DigitalEdge does not require the PO copy to be sent to the Digitaledge office. It is the responsibility of the Awarded Bidder to make sure that the Purchasers note the DigitalEdge       Contract number on the purchasing document. This is outlined in the Post-Award Requirements, page 9, paragraph 3.0 of the Contract. Awarded bidders are required to report all           sales that utilize the DigitalEdge contract. DigitalEdge reserves the right to do random audits of Awarded Bidders.

Q:  It could be difficult to provide the most competitive pricing when we have to factor in 1.5% Administration Fee.

A:  Thank you for your feedback. The DigitalEdge requires a 1.5% administration fee. Refer to the Instructions for Bidding, page 9, paragraph 3.6.1 of the Invitation to Bid.  To learn more       about reducing your administration fee, refer to the Post-Award Requirements, page 11,paragraph 5.2 of the Contract.

Q:  What if we want to run a promotion at a lower price after the bid has been awarded? Can we do that?

A:  Yes.  The marketing tool, PowerDeals is offered through DigitalEdge for special promotions that run through the contract. This is outlined in the Post-Award Requirements, page 12,         paragraph 5.4, of the Contract and will be discussed in the Mandatory Virtual Webinar for Awarded Bidders in June.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Question and Answer period is now closed.


For further information:

Contact Bunny Stevens, Project Coordinator for DigitalEdge at

P: 360.952.3415