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The ESD 112 team is made up of more than 600 professionals with a wide range of backgrounds and experience.

Our Superintendent

Tim Merlino, Superintendent, Educational Service District 112

Tim Merlino is the Superintendent and Chief Executive Officer of Educational Service District 112. He began his educational career in 1986 in the ESD 112 business office. He was promoted to Chief Financial Officer and served in that capacity for 28 years before being named superintendent in 2013.

Since his appointment, ESD 112 has evolved into an $80 million enterprise, with significant growth in early learning programs, school construction, STEM initiatives, and innovative student support programs, including a day treatment center for students needing behavioral interventions. Under his leadership, the ESD now owns more than $24 million in facilities and 250,000 square feet of business space to house growing programs and student services.

Regarded throughout the state as an experienced educational leader, Merlino serves on numerous boards and advisory committees both at state and local levels. He is the incoming chair of the Association of Educational Service District’s Superintendent’s Network where he presided over the 50th anniversary of the inception of ESDs. He is a trusted resource at the state legislature, where he helps inform and educate state senators and representatives about the impact of education finance and bills. Most recently, Merlino was a diligent advocate for needed modifications to the financial formula that dramatically changed the school financial landscape in Washington in 2017. The new legislation negatively impacted two-thirds of the state’s school districts, especially small and rural districts with already limited resources.

Merlino also currently serves on the advisory committees for Washington State University-Vancouver, Cascadia Technical Academy and the Vancouver Public Schools Management Task Force. He is also the current vice-chair of the statewide Washington School Information Processing Cooperative.

Merlino and his wife Shelly live in Vancouver with their daughter Regan.

Superintendent Tim Merlino

ESD 112 Cabinet

ESD 112 Cabinet

An advisory cabinet comprised of eight leaders with a wide range of backgrounds and expertise provide guidance to the superintendent. Cabinet members provide a wealth of experience in instruction; early learning; communications; professional development; special education; business and finance management; technology; and legal and employee relations.

Learn more about the staff members who make up the superintendent’s cabinet by clicking on the images below:

Marnie Allen

Marnie Allen
Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources and Legal Services

Loy Dale

Loy Dale
Assistant Superintendent, School and Agency Operations

Gavin Hottman

Gavin Hottman
Assistant Superintendent, Chief Business Officer, Business and Financial Management

Mike Nerland

Mike Nerland
Assistant Superintendent, Teaching and Learning

Kathy Whitlock

Kathy Whitlock
Executive Director, Student and School Success

Jodi Wall

Jodi Wall
Executive Director, Early Care and Education

Jeff Niess

Jeffrey Niess
Executive Director, Specialized Student Services

Monique Dugaw

Monique Dugaw
Executive Director, Communications and Public Engagement

Staff Expertise

ESD staff are team leaders!

The ESD 112 team is made up of more than 600 professionals with a wide range of backgrounds and experience. In addition to serving on state and national boards, many of our staff are asked to be part of the authoring, development and implementation of major education initiatives. Others are deeply engaged in their local communities as volunteers, coaches, mentors and advocates.

Our ESD staff is often the “go to” team when school districts and other organizations need seasoned expertise. They provide a wealth of experience in instruction; school construction; advanced training for educators; school business and finance management; communication strategy; legislative support; technology; and administrative services.

Team ESD 112

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