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Specialized training and assistance for school districts on the use of Google Apps for Education


DigitalBug Inspiring Creative Minds

DigitalBug is a Google services program offering specialized training and assistance for school districts on the use of Google Apps for Education.

Over 70% of districts in Washington have adopted Google Apps for Education (GAFE) domains for their schools. This is exciting news, as these tools support highly engaged learners! By using these apps, students can research, collaborate, publish and produce new products in ways that they never could before!

Adopting a GAFE domain is one thing…but transitioning classrooms into learning environments where students are highly engaged with these tools takes time, patience, planning and professional development. Our expert staff can lead your district through the change process. Whether you are just starting to research Google Apps for Education or a veteran GAFE district that needs professional development for your educators, our highly qualified staff can help your organization meet its goals.

Three Levels of Service

Our services are divided into three categories, which reflect the transition that districts make as they adopt Google Apps for Education.

Southwest Washington GAFE Admins Usergroup

Are you a Google Apps for Education Administrator in a school district? The DigitalBug hosts a free usergroup at ESD 112 every other month. Most attendees are from ESD 112 member districts, but those from outside our region are welcome, too. This is an informal conversation, with the agenda created by the attendees. We discuss everything GAFE-related: domain setup, console tips and tricks, add-ons and third party software, hardware, management issues, and more. There’s a lot of knowledge and experience in the room, and attendees tell us it’s a useful way to spend a Friday morning!

If you’d like to receive reminders and invitations to our usergroup meetings, please email Katherine Livick or visit our Google+ page . We hope to see you there!

Meet Our Google Experts

The DigitalBug program is proud to have experts on staff who can assist school districts on the use and integration of Google Apps for Education. We invite you to meet our staff.

Kristina Wambold

Kristina Wambold

Google for Education Certified Trainer


Phone: 360-952-3393


Kristina is the Digital Learning Coach for ESD 112, and is a Google for Education Certified Trainer and Certified Adobe Education Trainer. She specializes in providing professional development to educators on using G Suite for Education (formerly known as Google Apps for Education) and other emerging and engaging technologies effectively in the classroom.
Google Certified Trainer

Katherine Livick

Katherine Livick

Certified Google Administrator Google for Education Certified Trainer


Phone: 360-952-3395


Katherine is the Professional Development Manager for Digital Learning at ESD 112. She is a Google Certified Administrator and manages ESD 112’s GAFE training domain. She’s also a Google for Education Certified Trainer who trains district personnel on best practices for managing and using G Suite for Education in an educational setting, as well as providing general technology integration training.

Google Certified AdministratorGoogle Certified Trainer

Apple Teacher 2016

District Summits

District Summits

So your district has gone Google… now what?

Are you wondering how to get your staff and students rolling with Google Apps for Education? Would you like to inspire your teachers to go deeper with technology integration? Let the DigitalBug team help you coordinate your own District Summit featuring Google Apps for Education.

What does a district summit look like?

Your district’s summit will be hosted at one of your schools, eliminating your staff’s need to travel to a similar event in the region. Our expert Google Education Trainers will consult with your instructional and technology leaders to learn about your district’s culture, goals, and needs for professional development. Then, we’ll customize a high-quality, two-day conference experience that will bring Google Apps for Education to life for your staff. We offer several options to meet your district’s needs.

What does your district provide for a summit?

In general your district will provide the following:

  • a facility, typically a high school, with a robust wireless network
  • an auditorium or gym for a keynote speaker, and the cafeteria with seating for lunch
  • Classrooms for breakout sessions, with projectors and amplification systems
  • A computer lab or Chromebook lab (recommended)
  • A hallway or other space for a vendor showcase
  • Your network IT and AV personnel on the premises during the event
  • Adequate parking for the size of conference you wish to offer
  • Promotion of the event to your own staff (and if you wish, to staff in nearby districts)

What does the DigitalBug program provide for a summit?

We do everything else. Our expert staff will coordinate the entire event for you:

  • We’ll find just the right presenters and experts to provide sessions
  • We’ll organize a vendor showcase which includes DigitalEdge vendors, as well as your favorite vendors, to showcase their Google-related solutions and to offer door prizes
  • We’ll promote the event to other districts through news blasts and social media
  • We’ll provide registration and clock hours if desired, name badges on lanyards, presenter shirts, and door prizes
  • We’ll create your very own custom summit website and assist in creating a social media presence for your event

How much does a district summit cost?

Basic pricing information is as follows, though each event is negotiated separately.

Option 1: Individual Registration Option 2: Tiered Registration
Perfect for… A district that wants to host a summit and open it to neighboring districts A district that wants to provide a summit for its own staff
Minimum number of participants 100 paid participants 100 participants
Registration details DigitalBug handles registration and collects fees
DigitalBug offers clock hours if desired
District handles registration and collects fees
District offers clock hours if desired
One-Day Summit
Early Bird registration – $135/person
Regular registration – $150/person
DigitalBug provides 10 free registrations for every 100 paid participants.
100-250 participants: $18,000
251-500 participants: $27,000
501-800 participants:  $30,000
801-1,000 participants:  $35,000
1,001-1,250 participants:  $43,750
Two-Day Summit
Early Bird registration – $250/person
Regular registration – $275/person
DigitalBug provides 10 free registrations for every 100 paid participants.
100-250 participants: $30,000
251-500 participants: $45,000
501-800 participants: $50,000
801-1,000 participants: $60,000
1,001-1,250 participants: $75,000

Optional Pre-Summit Institute

Want more learning opportunities? Add a Pre-Summit Institute. Our Google Certified specialists will  run a 3 to 4 hour hands-on session the night before the summit. Several options are available, including “boot camps” to get your staff started with Google or help prepare those who are seeking certification.

Options include:
  • Google Educator Quickstart
  • Google Certified Administrators Quickstart
  • Google Education Trainers Quickstart
  • Chromebook Boot Camp

This special pre-summit event is  limited to 30 participants. Your district can choose one session with two instructors to maximize personalized instruction, or two sessions with one instructor each to maximize the number of participants.  Additional Cost: $180 per participant.

Planning & Mgmt

Service Level One: Planning and Management

The adoption of a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) domain for your district is no small decision. Our staff can assist district leaders in helping to understand the benefits of adopting a GAFE domain, the transition to it, and its administration.

Prof Dev

Service Level Two: Professional Development

The DigitalBug program at ESD 112 has staff that can provide professional development to educators on the effective use of Google Apps for teaching and learning. Check out our great line-up of workshops, and call one of our Google Experts if you are interested in chatting with them about professional development for your staff!

Introduction Workshop

Integration Workshops

Immersion Institute

Google Cohorts

Service Level Three: Google Cohorts

Free Google Apps for Education Resources

Enjoy these free tips, tricks, video tutorials, and ideas for using Google Apps in your classroom courtesy of the DigitalBug.

Quick Video Tutorials

How to Loop or Autoplay a Google Presentation
How to Set Domain Autocomplete in Google Console
Finding your Chrome Web Store Apps

Additional Information

For districts in ESD 112’s service region, the contractual fees for workshops listed on this web site are charged at a rate of $950 per day for the first ten days. For more extensive contracts within the same school year, discounts are available. Please contact us for more information.

Please Note: Rates effective September 1, 2017 and subject to change. Due to the extensive travel required to serve some locations, rates may vary based on actual travel expenses.

The contractual fees for workshops listed on this web site are charged at a rate of $1,500 per day for districts outside of ESD 112’s region, plus reimbursement for actual program travel expenses. For organizations that want consecutive days of training, the cost is $1,500 for the first two days, and then $1,350 per day after that, plus reimbursement for actual travel expenses. Workshop fees may vary, based on the degree of customization desired, your location, the number of consecutive days desired at a single location, and other pertinent factors. Please Note: Rates effective September 1, 2017 and subject to change.

To ensure a quality experience for participants, our hands-on workshops are limited to no more than 24 participants.

Clock hours are available for all workshops, and are provided by Educational Service District 112. Participants pay an additional fee for clock hours.

To schedule professional development for your school, district or agency

Because of the high demand for our workshops, you are encouraged to talk to one of the DigitalBug experts as soon as possible to get on their calendar.

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