Getting kids out the door and ready for school in the morning can be a challenge, especially after nearly a year of staying home. And on top of it all, now there’s a daily health attestation to complete. These are some tips for how to remember to answer the required health screening questions, so your student starts off the day smoothly.

Top tips for remembering the daily health attestation:

1. Streamline the technology

If your district has an app, install it. If you need to go to a website, bookmark it.

2. Set a recurring alarm

Set a daily alarm on your phone or smart watch for a time before school when you are able to complete the screening.

3. Make it a routine

Pair completing the health attestation with another daily morning task, such as making your morning coffee or waiting for your child’s bus.

4. Attest for all kids at once

If you have multiple children with different schedules, save your sanity by attesting for them all at the same time daily, regardless of whether they attend that day or not.

5. Involve your kids

Make and post a “before school checklist” where it will be seen and check off the items with your kids each morning, so remembering becomes a team effort.