Jemtegaard Middle School students Grey Johnson, Allison Castro-Coca, Ganguni Higgoda-Gamage, and Makayla Cain (left to right) compete in a Knowledge Bowl meet on March 16, 2023

For student trivia enthusiasts across the country, Knowledge Bowl season is in full swing. Knowledge Bowl is an academic sport; students compete in Jeopardy-style trivia tournaments against schools in the region, state, and country. Clark County students competed against neighboring schools at the regional meet on March 1. Qualifying teams advanced to the state meet on March 11. Following state competitions, Ridgefield High School will advance to the National competition, being held virtually, on April 22, 2023.

“These kids are the most talented, hardworking, high-character group you could ever meet,” said David Jacobson, Knowledge Bowl coach at Ridgefield High School.

The school has a tradition of Knowledge Bowl excellence, placing first in the nation in 2022 and third in the nation in 2021.

Hudson’s Bay High School in Vancouver, Washington placed first at the Southwest Washington regional meet and also competed at the state level this year.

“I’m extremely proud of these students for their hard work,” said Eric Saueracker, Knowledge Bowl coach at Hudson’s Bay High School. “They’ve come a really long way in the last three years and it’s been fun to watch.”

“My most rewarding part of doing Knowledge Bowl is working with and getting to know these wonderful young adults. I had so much fun with them this year, and I’m looking forward to next year as well,” said Dale Croswell, Knowledge Bowl coach at Washougal High School and ESD 112 coordinator for SW WA Knowledge Bowl.

At some middle schools in Clark County, Knowledge Bowl competitions have only just begun. After sweeping the board at their first competition of the season on February 16, taking 1st through 3rd places, Jemtegaard Middle School Knowledge Bowl teams look forward to a successful remainder of the season.

At each competition, teams complete one written round and two oral rounds of trivia.

“I’m involved in Knowledge Bowl because I have a lot of information in my head that needs to get out,” said Lauren Byrne, 8th grade student at Jemtegaard Middle School. “I’m learning good sportsmanship and teamwork.”

Students apply classroom knowledge and teamwork skills at Knowledge Bowl. After-school activities like Knowledge Bowl help to provide a sense of community, develop academic and job readiness skills, and nurture a passion for learning among students.

Clark County Schools Results at State Knowledge Bowl Competitions:

4A –

  • Camas – 6th place, state plaque
  • Skyview – 7th place

3A –

  • Evergreen – 13th place overall finish
  • Mt. View – 6th place, state plaque

2A –

  • Columbia River – 8th place, state plaque
  • Hudson’s Bay – 10th place overall finish
  • Mark Morris – 11th place overall finish
  • Ridgefield – 1st Place & champs of WA State 2A tourney, earning State trophy

1A –

  • LaCenter – 8th place, state plaque
  • White Salmon – 10th place overall finish

2B –

  • Kalama – 8th place, state plaque
  • Seton Catholic – 2nd place finish, earning state trophy
  • Stevenson – 15th overall finish