For the past 18 years, the Camas Educational Foundation has served Camas School District students and teachers by providing funding for a wide variety of academic enrichment programs.

A dedicated team of volunteers has helped serve the growing community–currently more than 6,000 students–through fundraising activities including a highly successful auction and other events. Yet, according to CEF President Erika Cox, the CEF’s purpose wasn’t widely known within the local community.

“When we took a survey of families with school age children, over 90% knew that CEF was important but less than 1/2 knew what we did,” said CEF President Erika Cox. “We felt that it was time to make sure our mission was clear and that our brand reflected our vision of serving our community.”

CEF staff worked with ESD 112 creative director Heidi Barnes to develop a clear brand that would define their work and make them recognizable within the community.

“Collaborating with the CEF to build their brand strategy was a terrific success,” said Barnes. “Every brand element was defined by them from start to finish. The passion and dedication that these citizens have for enhancing student learning goes above and beyond conventional volunteerism. And because of their ideals, their brand position is a precise representation of their auspicious vision and mission. I’m proud to have led them through the process.”

To learn more about the CEF, check out this interview of CEF President Erika Cox: