Video professionals and dozens of student volunteers from Evergreen, Vancouver and Battle Ground public schools will be broadcasting live high school sporting events beginning tomorrow, August 31.

While at this time, teachers from those districts are involved in a work stoppage, athletic events are still taking place. That’s because coaches and teachers work under a different contract and are not in salary negations. If a sporting event is canceled, there is no opportunity to make up missed games/match against another school that may not be affected by a work stoppage. Additionally, continuing with practices and games help students maintain some scheduled activities and remain involved.

  • Evergreen Public Schools (EPS Sports) will be broadcasting eight live football games and nine girls soccer games from McKenzie Stadium.  EPS Sports begins the fall broadcast schedule on August 31st with two live football games – Evergreen vs. Heritage at 4:30 p.m. and Union vs. Mountain View at 7:30 p.m.
  • Vancouver Public Schools (VPS Game Time) will be broadcasting four live football games from Kiggins Bowl and five volleyball games from around the District.  Vancouver’s Columbia River High School will also be broadcasting several games this fall.
  • Battle Ground Schools will now be broadcasting football games live and in high definition this year. The district will be broadcasting four live football games, two soccer games and two volleyball games. (Note: Coverage in BG may be affected by any continuing work stoppage.)

Production crews include students who learn valuable, real-life job skills by performing virtually every task on the crew, from operating video cameras and instant replay systems to running audio and on-screen graphics systems. Games will be broadcast on TV ETC Comcast channels 27, 29, 28, and 328 (HD) and where possible, will be streamed on each District’s YouTube channel & Facebook page.