On September 28, roughly 100 educators gathered at ESD 112 for an all day training on Steve Gill’s ELL Critical Data Process. Steve was brought in by Effie Triol, the K-4 Literacy Coordinator for ESD 112, after she received requests from the regional ELL/Bilingual directors.

Steve is an ESA Coach for Kent School District who started his career as a school psychologist in a district with a large English language learner population. There he realized how little he had learned about language learners prior to this experience. Over the years, he completed graduate work in ELL studies, eventually creating the ELL Critical Data Process by combining his experiences, research, and studies.

Steve has trained over 5,000 educators on the process across more than 200 school districts in multiple states. Steve and Ushani (Steve’s wife and co-author) have three books for sale on Amazon.com. Steve is currently working in the Kent School District as the ESA Coach (coaching school psychologists, speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists on special education processes and issues).

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