CCSS, STEM, DIBELS, NGSS, BYOD … the list of education jargon and acronyms is long, and a team at Educational Service District 112 has made it their mission to tackle these terms in a fun and informative way through video. The online series is called “EDU-speakin’ to me?!” and stars ESD 112 Assistant Superintendent of Teaching & Learning Mike Nerland as “himself”–an expert on education jargon. The short videos are aimed at parents and others outside the education profession, but they have been well-received by educational staff as well.

The idea came to Melissa Burt and Sarah Coomber last summer when they were talking about how hard it can be as parents to understand school educators. Melissa says, “I remember going to my daughter’s kindergarten curriculum night feeling this rising sense of panic, thinking, ‘I have a master’s degree, and I have no idea what they’re talking about…and this is only kindergarten!’”

Melissa and Sarah brought in the creative minds of Michele Larsen and Rose Yandell and the project was launched. The group has published six informative videos, plus a promo, and they are currently working on more, including one aimed at explaining the Smarter Balanced Assessment to be launched just in time for spring testing season.

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