On May 19, Educational Service District 112 (ESD 112), presented awards on behalf of Washington Association of School Administrators (WASA), to commend and acknowledge exceptional educational administrators and community members for their remarkable contributions to K–12 education. The ceremony was held at the ESD 112 campus in Vancouver, and featured the presentation of several accolades, including the Award of Merit, Student Achievement Leadership Award, Community Leadership Award, among others.

AWARDS OF MERIT – for effective leadership at the regional level

sha Riley, Woodland School District and Michelle O’Neill, La Center School District

Presented to Asha Riley, Woodland School District and Michelle O’Neill, La Center School District

Asha Riley and Michelle O’Neil have led the WASA Instructional Leadership Network work for the past two years in the ESD 112 region. Because of their outstanding leadership, WASA held an amazing Instructional Leadership Conference last summer, and will host another leadership conference this summer. The conference was well-attended and well-received by educational leaders throughout the Southwest Washington region. For all of their ongoing leadership and work on behalf of the Instructional Leadership network, Asha and Michelle are very well-deserving of this year’s Awards of Merit.

STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT LEADERSHIP AWARD – for innovative programs improving student achievement

Brent Freeman, Wahkiakum School District

Presented to Brent Freeman, Wahkiakum School District

Brent Freeman spent countless hours doing everything possible to support and bring equity in learning opportunities for students in Wahkiakum School District, and throughout Washington State. His continuing efforts to fight for adequate funding for small school districts struggling to repair and replace antiquated school facilities is a testament to his courageous leadership. The WASA Student Achievement Leadership Award is an acknowledgement of the hard work and amazing results that Brent Freeman has achieved as a student leader in the Wahkiakum School District and beyond.

WASA STUDENT LEADERSHIP AWARDS – for significant leadership role in initiatives or programs that promote inclusivity, access, equity, or social justice

  • Husky Excel Mentors
  • Erika Wood, Camas School District
  • Olivia Anthony, Vancouver Public Schools
  • Ricardo Martin Del Campo, Battle Ground Public Schools
  • Megan West, Savannah Yokel, and Claire Zakovics, Washougal School District

COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP AWARDS – recognizing outstanding contributions to education, this award was presented to:

  • David Lindner
  • Doug Quinn
  • Jack Arend
  • ZoomInfo
  • Cowlitz Department of Emergency Management
  • Kelso Police Department
  • Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Department
  • Cowlitz 2 Fire & Rescue
  • Ross Higgins
  • Sheri Johnson
  • Lyle Lions Club
  • Bill and Susan Yaddof
  • Eric Dean
  • Francisco Bueno
  • Jennifer Rhoads
  • Dr. Katherine Rodela and Dr. Sharon Kruse
  • Sheriff Summer Scheyer
  • Rep. Kevin Waters
  • Andrew Taylor
  • Page Logan
  • Anna Paul
  • Justin and Tammy Graham
  • Matt and Kim Donald


  • Tom Hagley, Vancouver Public Schools


  • Dr. Jeff Snell, Vancouver Public Schools
  • Daniel Bettis, Vancouver Public Schools
  • John Boyd, Evergreen Public Schools