Snacks stacked up in the ESD lobby

Donated snacks stacked up in the ESD lobby before being delivered by volunteers to The Giving Closet

A carload of goldfish crackers, fruit snacks, granola bars and other popular lunch box items totaling 1,660 was recently delivered from ESD 112 to the non-profit, The Giving Closet, to help families in need fill their kids’ lunch boxes this fall.

ESD 112 staff love to give back to the community, and the ESD has a committee called ESD Connects that coordinates quarterly giving opportunities, such as this recent partnership with The Giving Closet, the ESD’s neighbor in Vancouver.

“We are proud of our generous staff who volunteer their time and money for families in our community,” says Lisa Alexander, outgoing co-chair of ESD Connects. “Giving is a strong part of our culture here at the ESD.”

Vicki Coogan, Giving Closet Executive Assistant receives back to school lunch box snacks from Lisa Alexander and other ESD volunteers (not pictured).

About The Giving Closet

Mission Statement:
No one should be hungry, unclothed, or unloved within our reach.

The Giving Closet serves individuals and families from a variety of different backgrounds empowering them to claim a fresh start. The Giving Closet’s intent is to see that every person in crisis is given resources to meet their basic needs. Building upon its heritage of ministry and outreach, The Giving Closet desires to touch the lives of the hurting, homeless, and hungry.

The Giving Closet offers a 9,000 square foot free community store. Shoppers can choose from many of the basic life essentials such as clothing, toiletries, emergency food and critical household items. The Closet also provides books and toys, along with a friendly face to ease the burden during these difficult economic times.


The Closet started in the 500 square foot attic space of Vancouver Church in 2000. After two years it expanded to a small house on the church property, doubling in size. Moving into a warehouse space and expanding every few years, it is now residing in 9,000 square feet. The Giving Closet established itself as an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 2011. With the help of volunteers and a giving community, The Giving Closet has touched the lives of more than 18,328 people since opening.