ESD 112 and PREVENT! Coalition, in partnership with Clark County Public Heath, has received a $247,196 grant to address marijuana education among youth in Clark and Skamania counties. Funded by the State Department of Health through a portion of the state’s marijuana sales, the two-year grant will allow PREVENT! substance abuse prevention coalition to focus on marijuana prevention and education among youth.

A recent Healthy Youth survey showed that 8% of eighth graders, 18% of tenth graders, and 27% of 12th graders reported using marijuana in the last 30 days. (Source: Washington State Healthy Youth Survey)

The recent legalization of marijuana among adults in Washington has raised questions for educators, businesses and parents.

“It’s all so new that a lot of questions are coming up for everyone and there’s a lot of confusion around the dangers and consequences for youth,” said PREVENT! Director Joy Lyons. “We have some great resources to help address these issues for youth and parents. Our amazing volunteers and partners are collaborating to make a big impact in these communities.”

The grant will target the areas of highest needs in Clark and Skamania counties and bring resources to those communities, including toolkits, social media campaigns, school policy support, and retailer education.

ESD 112 received one of nine renewable grants in the state to address marijuana education among youth.

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For more information, contact Joy Lyons (360) 952-3397.