There are a few ways to sign up to be vaccinated once it is your turn, and the process is different in Washington and Oregon.

Generally, vaccine is distributed based on where you live, work, and through your health care provider. Review these options and check around to make an appointment when you are eligible.

Vaccine supply is very limited across the state and many appointments may be limited or unavailable altogether. Follow these steps and have patience as we navigate vaccination together.

Step 1: Determine if you are eligible

Use the “Phase Finder” tool to determine if you are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. Visit and fill out the questionnaire. People who are eligible for COVID-19 vaccination will get a confirmation. Those who are not eligible for the vaccine yet can sign up to get an email or text alert when they are. The Phase Finder tool does not schedule vaccination appointments. That is done in a separate process, outlined below.

Step 2: Find a Location & Make an Appointment, if you are eligible

There are several ways to make and appointment:

Check with your healthcare provider

Your doctor can point you in the right direction for vaccination and may even be able to administer the vaccine.

WA State Vaccine Locator

Visit the Washington Department of Health’s Vaccine Locations website. This site lists pharmacies and other health care facilities with vaccine (by county) and includes links to additional information and appointment systems.

Clark County Fairgrounds

The Washington State Department of Health is operating a vaccination site at the Clark County Fairgrounds. The site opened on Jan. 26 and operates 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday. Vaccine is administered at this location by appointment only.

Check with your county health department

While Health Department’s are not administering vaccinations, they may have information on how and where to make appointments.

Oregon Residents

If you live in Oregon, check this website, as there are difference processes in different states.


Of course, this list is not all encompassing and there may be other ways to sign up for vaccination appointments. With a limited vaccine supply, we must be patient and allow those who are most vulnerable to access the vaccine first.

Additional Resources

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