Kindergarteners from Hockinson Heights Elementary in Brush Prairie will get on a ZOOM video call from a class of their peers across the country in St. Petersburg, Florida, Wednesday morning to talk about weather science. The groups of five-year-olds have been talking about weather and climate in their own classrooms and will compare notes to learn about how weather changes from one place—and one day—to the next.

The learning module, called “Weather, Here and There,” is coordinated by the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) professionals at Educational Service District (ESD) 112 as one of the many programs offered to school districts in Southwest Washington.  The science unit was originally developed at Douglas L. Jamerson, Jr. Elementary, then aligned to the next generation science standards (NGSS) by ESD 112 STEM Director Vickei Hrdina so teachers in Washington would be able to use it.

“These kinds of interactive discussions with young children can peak their science interest for life,” said Hrdina. “What a great opportunity for little scientists to explore very different places, people and climates, but recognize commonalities – we all experience weather science!”

About Weather, Here and There

Kindergartners across ESD 112 and other parts of the country engage in an Earth and Space Science unit called “Weather, Here and There.” The unit begins with students tackling a problem from the Aesop’s Fable “The Sun and the North Wind” and then collecting weather data from their town and a partner town across the country. As a part of the unit, the ESD partners two classes (one from Washington and one from another part of the country) to participate in an online, interactive, Kindergarten weather ‘summit’ using Zoom video.