Thanks to the Evergreen Public Schools Video Services teams video production of the ‘Pen Pal’s Project’ and the support of the Human Service Council, the Volunteer Connections Pen Pal program will continue to serve hundreds of students in Clark County.  Because of recent budget cuts, the program was in jeopardy of continuing this year.

After viewing the video, the Human Service Council board decided that they would approve funding of the program with additional supports from fundraisers facilitated by Volunteer Connections.

For more than 20 years, Volunteer Connections Pen Pal program has been giving Evergreen and Vancouver Public Schools 5th graders and local volunteers an opportunity to learn from one another.

The Pen Pal program is one of Volunteer Connections longest running, community engagement programs. Adult volunteers are matched with area 5th graders for a monthly exchange of “pen pal” letters. Adults and students know each other only by name, and whatever they learn from each other over the course of the school year writing project.

At the end of the school year, the adults meet their pen pals for the one and only time at a special dessert party in the student’s classroom. The project is a way for the students to practice communication skills. For adults, especially those who want to volunteer with children, but have limited time, it is a wonderful way to learn about life from a 5th grade perspective.

To volunteer as an adult Pen Pal, please contact