Math Anywhere, a community-based project from ESD 112 designed to build positive math experiences for students outside of school, is getting national attention thanks to a major player in STEM education.

100Kin10, a nonprofit network of hundreds of organizations dedicated to promoting STEM and STEM teaching in schools across the country, is now featuring a video presentation of Math Anywhere on its “Grand Challenges” website. The site aims to address the many well-documented problems currently facing STEM education, while offering innovative solutions to overcome them.

Narrated by Molly Daley, ESD 112 Regional Math Coordinator, and Vickei Hrdina, ESD 112 Director of Career & STEM Initiatives, the 15-minute video introduces viewers from around the country to the Math Anywhere concept:

  • Math can be playful;
  • Math exploration exists all around us, wherever we go;
  • Anytime is a good time to chat about math;
  • Everyone has important math thinking to share.

“While we are really a local community-based project at heart, our approach can be adopted by and adapted for any community,” said Daley.” We are happy to share our resources and strategies to see our ideas spread. 100kin10 has a national audience of STEM teachers, community partners and policy advocates, so this partnership makes great sense.”

Math Anywhere was established in 2017 with initial grant funding through the WA STEM network. Learn more about the program at