The new home of Quest Academy is finished and ready to welcome students from Cowlitz County beginning December 1. Quest staff, superintendents, board members and other guests took a special preview tour of the new facility November 15. “It was very touching as the staff were all introduced and Quest Director Sara Paul spoke about this dream becoming a reality,” said Assistant Superintendent Lori Oberheide. Kudos to staff and especially Rick Batterberry and William Legg for their efforts with the building remodel. A special thanks to Executive Director Mary Mertz for her hard work in seeing this incredible transformation to completion.

The vacant space (formerly used as both a skating rink and a fitness center) has been transformed into a learning space to supports Cowlitz County students who require a more therapeutic learning environment. Quest is made possible through a partnership with Cowlitz County superintendents.

A big thank you to the ESD 112 Board of Directors and the Cowlitz County superintendents for their support and vision of this program.

Quest Academy’s mission is to support all Cowlitz County students in achieving their highest educational and personal potential and to prepare them to contribute as successful citizens of a diverse, multi-cultural community.

Quest Academy provides a supportive and highly therapeutic learning environment, where students improve their academic and social skills, develop more appropriate behavioral controls and improve their self-esteem. Each student has an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP), and we work closely with his or her school to ensure smooth transitions.